Football Academy launches in Hanoi. Park Hang-seo, “Let’s open up the horizons of grassroots soccer in Vietnam”

Former Vietnam national soccer team coach Park Hang-seo (66) has launched a youth academy in Vietnam.

After a long period of preparation, the former coach officially launched the ‘Park Hang Seo International Football Academy’ at the Press Club Building in Hanoi, Vietnam on March 30.

Park Hang-seo International Football Academy was launched under the slogan ‘Children are the future of society’. It is the first academy in Vietnam to establish an advanced youth system that collaborates with schools and educational facilities.

On January 31, Park stepped down as head coach of the Vietnam National Football Team. Since then, Park has received offers from several teams, including an Indonesian professional team, but he turned them down in favor of his relationship with Vietnam.

Park has achieved unparalleled achievements, including Vietnam’s second consecutive SEA Games title and the first World Cup final qualification in Asia in the history of Vietnamese soccer.

In particular, he was instrumental in helping Vietnam’s soccer team overtake rival Thailand to become the strongest in Southeast Asia. Despite his retirement from the Vietnamese national team, Park remains a national hero.

According to his management company, D.J. Management, the Park Hang Seo International Football Academy aims to expand soccer in Vietnam, starting in elementary school, and bring an advanced youth soccer system to the country where children experience, learn, and grow from the game.

“I hope that this academy will open up a new and strong grassroots soccer horizon in Vietnam. The name ‘International Academy’ was chosen with the hope of breaking out of the Vietnamese mold and becoming internationally competitive,” said Park.

He continued, “I believe that Vietnam can only reach the top of Asia and the world if we become internationally competitive. The Park Hangseo International Football Academy will definitely create programs for overseas exchanges in the future, creating opportunities for various players to make a leap forward.” “I think such a system will lead to the development of Vietnamese football.”

The event was also supported by Korean and Vietnamese companies. Hyundai Vietnam Shipbuilding, an affiliate of HD Hyundai, is the official sponsor. Hyundai Vietnam Shipbuilding was established in 1996 as a joint venture between Hyundai US Shipbuilding and Vietnam State Shipbuilding Corporation.

Hyundai Vietnam Shipbuilding has grown by leaps and bounds to become the largest shipbuilder in Southeast Asia, with orders for more than 200 ships in total. It is also regarded as the first and best success story of the Korean shipbuilding industry’s overseas expansion.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who joined us for the opening ceremony of the Park Hang Seo International Football Academy.

As a member of the Vietnam National Team, I have been on a mission to develop Vietnamese football, and I have been looking for ways to repay the love the Vietnamese people have shown me.

I know that I can’t make a big difference alone, but I felt it was my duty to follow the situation with interest and speak out when the time was right.

Developed Asian soccer countries have a well-developed system of academy soccer, where professional youth soccer teams and academy soccer have a fair competition with each other. In Vietnam, the development of academy soccer is still lacking, so I hope that the Park Hang Seo Soccer Academy will open up a new and strong grassroots soccer horizon in Vietnam.

We believe that Vietnam needs to be internationally competitive in order to reach the top of Asia and the world, and we will create a program that will allow our youth players to go abroad for international exchanges when they reach a certain number of years, so that they can make the leap to the next level. We believe that this will lead to the development of football in Vietnam.온라인카지노

With the core values of respect, love, and growth, we at the Park Hang Seo Soccer Academy hope that through soccer, children will learn the character traits of respecting and loving others and grow into important people for the country of Vietnam.

I hope that the small changes I am initiating will lead to the development of youth soccer in Vietnam and contribute a little to the country’s educational culture.

I hope you will continue to follow and support the Academy, thank you.

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