Head coach Bang Ho-jin, who took the helm instead of Gangneung coach Kim Do-geun, said, “It was a life-or-death game.”

Gangneung Citizens’ Football Team head coach Bang Ho-jin perfectly filled the vacancy left by coach Kim Do-geun and brought victory in the Chuncheon away game.

The Gangneung Citizens’ Football Team, with head coach Bang Ho-jin sitting on the bench, won 2-0 against the Chuncheon Citizens’ Football Team in the 22nd round of the ‘2023 K3 League’ held at the Chuncheon Songam Sports Town Main Stadium on the 13th. Gangneung, who added 3 points with this win, rose to 10th place in the league with 26 points.

On this day, heavy rain fell at Chuncheon Songam Sports Town’s main stadium even before the game started, signaling an underwater battle. Even after the game started, the rain did not subside and continued to fall heavily, and both teams faced off strongly at a fast tempo from the beginning.

Gangneung scored the first goal. In the 29th minute of the first half, in a corner kick situation, Lee Ji-hwan’s sharp left-footed cross was converted into a header by Lee Dae-kwang. Han Boo-seong put his head to clear it, and it went straight into the Chuncheon goal, scoring an own goal.

In the 46th minute of the first half, Gangneung scored an additional goal to widen the lead. Players from both teams clashed with Lee Ji-hwan’s free kick, and Jeon Hyo-seok cleared it, but it did not go far. Yoon Dong-kwon rushed in from behind and finished with a left-footed shot, scoring an additional goal for Gangneung.

Gangneung, looking for an additional goal in the second half, and Chuncheon, trying to turn the game around, fought hard, but neither team was able to score, and Gangneung saved the two goals scored in the first half and took 3 points in the away game.

After the game, Gangneung head coach Bang Ho-jin said, “Our performance has been poor recently, so we worked hard together to win this game. “I’m really happy that everything I worked hard to prepare paid off and I got a good result,” he said, leaving a general review of the game.

As coach Bang said, Gangneung has not won in the last four games. However, the victory on this day succeeded in turning the atmosphere around. In response, Coach Bang said, “Today’s game was a life-or-death game for us,” and added, “Because we achieved good results in this game, I think we can keep this momentum and win the next game.”카지노

On this day, coach Kim Do-geun was not on Gangneung’s bench. Head coach Bang Ho-jin led the team as he briefly left the team to attend a P-level leader training course. Coach Bang said, “Coach Kim Do-geun was away for P-level training,” and “Although the director was away, we continued to communicate and share opinions. He explained, “Both the players and the coaching staff received strength because they helped us in many ways.”

Lastly, Coach Bang said, “I hope that we play as well as we thought without any injuries in the remaining games. “We have a lot of home games left, so I want to win as many games as possible and give joy to the fans,” he said.

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