Spanish Football Federation raided over ‘FC Barcelona referee bribery allegations’

Spanish police raided the country’s soccer federation on Monday (Aug. 28) in connection with allegations of referee bribery by top soccer club FC Barcelona, Reuters and AFP reported.

The raids were conducted in connection with allegations that FC Barcelona paid millions of euros in bribes over several years to the vice president of Spain’s soccer referees’ committee.

In March, Spanish prosecutors filed a formal complaint with the court against Negrera and former Barcelona executives, alleging that the club paid more than 7.3 million euros ($10.4 billion) over 17 years to a company owned by José María Enrique Negrera, who served as vice-president of the referees’ body from 1994 to 2018.

Prosecutors believe that Negreira, who was paid by Barcelona, influenced referees to rule in Barcelona’s favor.온라인바카라

Barcelona admitted to making some payments to a company run by Negreira at the time, but denied the allegations, saying they were for legitimate “external technical advice.

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