A GG-level shortstop who can see 20-20…how high will his price tag go?

How much is a 20-20 shortstop worth?

For American Major League Baseball’s Ha-Sung Kim, the 2023 season will be a bittersweet one. But as soon as the season ended, there was good news for Kim. It’s enough to get him excited for next season.

Kim’s 2023 season is over. The team that spent an astronomical amount of money to reach the postseason was eliminated. Kim was looking to join the 20-homer, 20-double club, but he ended the season three home runs short. He didn’t hit another home run for over a month after reaching 17. A severe drop in fitness in September slowed him down.

Still, he did well enough. He batted .266 with 17 home runs, 60 RBI, 84 runs scored, and 38 stolen bases. While it’s disappointing that his batting average dropped from 2.9, it’s important to note that he established himself as the team’s new leadoff man. Kim Hae-seong has been the team’s regular number one hitter since the end of the first half, and he’s really stepped up his game. Defensively, he struggled at second base as well as shortstop and third base.

It was his first time batting first in the big leagues, so there was bound to be some trial and error. If he can get stronger in the offseason and adjust his pace once the season starts next year, he deserves another shot at 20-20 hindsight.

For Kim, next season is even more important. It’s his final season after signing a four-year contract with San Diego. If he continues to impress next year, he could land a big free agent contract. There aren”t many hitters in the major leagues who can play a Golden Glove-caliber infield defense and leadoff role.

However, there is good news. Kim is moving from second base back to shortstop. Kim made a name for himself around the country in the 2022 season with his stellar defense at shortstop. It was a stepping stone to becoming a full-time starter this season. Instead, he played second base this season. This was due to the arrival of free agent shortstop Zander Bogaerts.

Now, there’s a possibility that Bogaerts could give up his shortstop defense. In an interview with the San Diego Tribune, Bogaerts said he won’t be playing shortstop next season. As he approaches his 30s, he doesn’t want to hold onto the physically demanding position of shortstop, but rather play where the team wants him to play.

San Diego is losing third baseman Manny Machado to elbow surgery. If he can’t play defense early next season, someone will have to fill in at third base, and there’s a good chance Bogaerts will move there instead of Kim. The Padres want to use Kim at shortstop again because of his defense.온라인바카라

He’s good at second base, but his value could be even higher at shortstop. Shortstop is the flower of defense. A shortstop who can play 20-20. Just thinking about it would make many clubs salivate.

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