Furuhashi scores first goal Japan 1-0 in the first half, Tunisia, hit by 4 goals, concedes a goal despite ‘hand-to-hand defense’

 ‘Samurai Blue’ Japan scored a goal at the end of the first half against Tunisia. The

Japanese national soccer team finished the first half with a 1-0 score in the friendly A match against Tunisia held at Kobe Stadium in Japan on the 17th. When Japan led the attack, they created shooting opportunities, but Tunisia was unable to open the goal. Tunisia, who had conceded 4 goals to Korea 4 days ago, overcame the crisis of conceding goals with a strong defense. Japan’s Celtic goalscorer Furuhashi scored the first goal in the last chance of the first half.

▶Formation, Japan starts with a canter

Japan started with a 4-2-3-1 formation. The team had Furuhashi at the front, Hatate, Kubo and Junya Ito at the back, Morita and Endo at defensive midfielders, Yuta Nakayama, Tomiyasu, Itakura and Sugawara at the back, and Suzuki at goalkeeper. Attackers Minamino and Asano, who had started against Canada (4-1 win), were on the bench.

Tunisia faced a 3-4-3 formation. Achuri, Zebali, and Romdane were placed at the front, Hadadi, Skiri, Raiduni, and Drazer at the waist, Abdi, Talvi, Meria at the back three, and goalkeeper Hasen.

▶Japan’s recent 5-game winning streak.

The momentum of Japanese soccer these days is surprising. Japan is currently on a 5-game winning streak in international matches. They defeated El Salvador (6-0), Peru (4-0), Germany (4-1), Turkiye (4-2), and Canada (4-1). A total of 22 goals were scored in 5 games. This means that an average of 4.4 goals were scored per game. In particular, he scored four goals in two consecutive games against powerful Germany and difficult Türkiye in Europe last month. The opponent used their best member, but Japan didn’t care and scored an amazing number of goals. Even against a strong European team, they were not at all intimidated and showed the soccer they had prepared to the fullest. In the previous home game against Canada, they scored 4 goals and defeated them. Japan coach Hajime Moriyasu is adjusting the optimal combination by changing the starting lineup for each game.

Tunisia, a North African powerhouse, suffered a crushing 0-4 loss to Korea on the 13th. After the Korean War, he moved to Japan.

▶First half, Japan Furuhashi takes the lead

Japan put pressure on the front line from the start of the game. It made Tunisia’s rear build-up unstable.

Tunisia stood on a narrow line from 1st to 3rd. We tried to maintain balance throughout the entire line. We tried to give the Japanese players as little space in the midfield as possible. In the process of targeting Tunisia, Japan did not rely on ‘Tiki Taka’, which focuses on short passes, but often targeted the space behind the opponent with long passes.

In the 11th minute of the first half, Japan received a free kick from Furuhashi in the opponent’s danger zone. In that chance, a low left-footed free kick went directly in front of the opposing goalkeeper.

Japan took the initiative in attacking early in the game. He kept the ball possession high and continued to penetrate the left, right, and center of the opponent. When Japan was attacking, their instantaneous pressure to immediately get the ball back when they lost it was excellent. Such efforts often resulted in regaining possession of the ball right away. As a result, Tunisia’s defense time was relatively long.

In the 23rd minute of the first half, Japan’s Hatate’s decisive left-footed shot soared into the sky and missed the goal. Japan lost the opportunity to score the first goal.메이저사이트

Japan attempted to score with a quick counterattack in the 25th minute of the first half, but was blocked by the Tunisian defenders’ hand-to-hand defense. The Tunisian players struggled to maintain concentration on defense against Japan, perhaps because they conceded 4 goals to Korea a few days ago.

Japan, who had launched waves of attacks, took the lead 1-0 with Furuhashi scoring the first goal in the 43rd minute of the first half. Furuhashi’s positioning was good, and his shooting was accurate.

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