Jeong Ga. Young, who wants to create a ‘miracle’… “I will bring out the word miracle”

Su-bin Jeong, the Doosan Bears’ proud ‘autumn hero’, takes on the challenge of creating a miracle with the energy of the ‘King of Stolen Bases’.

Doosan will play the first game of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO postseason wild card match against NC Dinos at Changwon NC Park on the 19th. Jeong Soo-bin will start as the number one hitter and center fielder.

Jeong Soo-bin said, “It could end in just one game today, and since it is a game with no next game, we have to give everything from the beginning,” and added, “It might not be an easy game, so I hope the players will focus.”

Su-bin Jeong played an active part this season with a batting average of 0.287 (143 hits in 498 at-bats), 2 home runs, 33 RBIs, 39 stolen bases, and an OPS of 0.746. He served as the number one hitter throughout the regular league and played a leading role in the attack. In particular, he earned his first stolen base title with 39 stolen bases. This is the first feat for a Doosan player in 12 years since Oh Jae-won (46 steals) in the 2011 season.

For Jeong Su-bin personally, it was meaningful in that she not only became a title holder but also shook off her poor performance over the past two years. Doosan continued to show off its league-leading outfield defense ability, helping Doosan advance to the postseason in 5th place.

Doosan was in a desperate situation where they had to win the first game of the wild card game without any chance to enjoy the joy of advancing to the fall baseball season. In order for Doosan to advance to the semi-playoffs, they must win the first game today and defeat NC by the second game on the 20th. The moment you lose the first game, the season ends.

The wild card match was introduced in the 2015 season when the 10-team first team system began. The 4th place team in the regular league starts with the advantage of one win, and the 5th place team must win both the first and second games to advance to the semi-playoffs. 

Until last year, in the eight wild card games, there was never a case where the 5th place team beat the 4th place team and advanced to the semi-playoffs. The 5th place team has only won the first game twice – KIA Tigers in 2016 and Kiwoom Heroes in 2021.

Jeong Soo-bin clearly acknowledged that Doosan was in difficult conditions, but expressed his determination to win with the Bears’ unique experience and tenacity. He said he believes in his ability to advance to the Korean Series for 7 consecutive years from the 2015 season to the 2021 season.

Doosan also has good memories of finishing the 2021 regular season in 4th place and creating an upset drama by beating the LG Twins in the semi-playoffs and the Samsung Lions in the playoffs, starting with the wild card game.

The 2015 Korean Series championship also began in the semi-playoffs. In the playoffs, they defeated the NC Dinos with 3 wins and 2 losses, and in the Korean Series, they defeated the Samsung Lions with 4 wins and 1 loss, writing the history of ‘Miracle Doosan.’ 

Above all, Su-bin Jeong is confident about fall baseball. His postseason career total of 78 games was a 0.296 batting average (82 hits in 277 at-bats), 4 home runs, 32 RBI, and 11 stolen bases, showing off on the big stage. In the 2015 Korean Series, he showed off his power with a batting average of 0.571 (8 hits in 14 at-bats), 1 home run, 5 RBIs, and an OPS of 1.000, and even won the series MVP.  

Doosan fans watched Soo-bin Soo-bin’s postseason performance and even gave him the nickname ‘Jeong (Soo-bin) Ga (Ui) Young (Woong).’ We are looking forward to seeing the power of ‘Jung Ga-young’ in this year’s wild card match.

Jeong Soo-bin expressed confidence, saying, “In a way, whether or not we have another chance depends on the result of this one game. It can be a burden,” and “But if we work hard, I think there will be tomorrow.”메이저사이트

He continued, “It’s unfortunate that we couldn’t finish the regular league with a higher ranking, but since we’re here for fall baseball, I believe in our team and want to bring out the word ‘miracle’ again. “I remember that we started fall baseball from the bottom and worked our way up. He did not hide his desire to create a miracle, saying, “I’m thinking about doing it like that this time too.”

Meanwhile, Doosan on this day had Su-bin Jeong (center fielder), Jae-ho Kim (shortstop), Rojas (designated hitter), Eui-ji Yang (catcher), Seok-hwan Yang (first baseman)- The starting lineup consisted of Kang Seung-ho (second baseman), Kim In-tae (left fielder), Heo Gyeong-min (third baseman), and Cho Su-haeng (right fielder). Kim Jae-hwan, a veteran left-handed slugger with a bad wrist condition, waits on the bench. Photo = Xports News

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