When will the KBO 20-win, 209K super ace come out? Feeling until Japan? 180⅓ innings and the past I want to erase 

When and where will Eric Peddy (30, NC Dinos) make his postseason debut?

Fortunately, NC ended the wild card match in the first game. After being hit on the forearm by Go Jong-wook’s batted ball with two outs in the top of the sixth inning against Gwangju KIA on the 16th, Peddie rested for five days and appeared to be expected to play in the first game of the semi-playoffs against SSG Landers on the 22nd.

However, manager Kang In-kwon chose Shin Min-hyuk, not Peddie, as the starting pitcher in the first game on the 22nd. This means that the pedi is not yet in normal condition. It is interpreted that the situation is not hopeless. For now, Peddie has entered the semi-playoff entry list.

The injury that day was a huge misfortune for Peddie and NC. NC has come a long way to the semi-playoffs, and Peddie still doesn’t know when he will return. Peddie’s return timing and performance are key variables in the semi-playoffs. It’s okay if he returns for the second game on the 23rd and pitches well, but if the absence period is prolonged, it will be difficult for NC. In the worst case, it could end up costing only one pitcher entry spot.

Peddie was the Washington Nationals’ fifth starter in 2021 and 2022, starting 27 games each. There has been a lot of gossip since Pedi signed with NC. From saying that he is not at a level suitable for the KBO league, to doubts that he may have durability issues. In fact, the former was correct, and the latter situation did not occur, at least during the regular season.

In any case, what is clear is that the 30 games and 180⅓ innings that Peddie recorded in NC this year is a career high. His most innings pitched in a season during his major league career was 133.1 innings in 2021. His durability has been a weakness since before and after his major league debut in 2017, and in fact, he has never pitched 100 innings before the 2021 season. Washington also signed Peddie knowing that his elbow was bad, and he actually underwent Tommy John surgery shortly after joining the team.

NC recruited Peddie after checking his physical condition several times. In fact, the recruitment itself was a huge success as he was never missed due to injury until the end of the season. However, since he cannot be used when he wants during the most important postseason, he is bound to be in trouble.

It was true that coach Kang In-kwon also paid attention to Peddie’s innings at the end of the season. However, it is known that Peddie actively gives his opinion in decisions about when to pitch. Peddie’s failure to pitch in the first game of the semi-playoffs should also be seen as the fact that he did not give the OK sign himself.메이저사이트

NC and SSG are not the only ones keeping an eye on Pedi’s actions. LG and KT will also be watching closely. Furthermore, to Japan and the United States. In particular, there is a lot of interest in Peddie in Japanese professional baseball, and how this injury will affect next year’s recruitment is also a variable.

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