Pogba to retire after all? ‘Two-year suspension’ likely due to doping disciplinary action

Football Italy, an Italian media outlet, reported on the 3rd (Korea time), “Fifty days after failing to pass the doping test, Paul Pogba is now facing a sports trial that could result in a two-year suspension.”

Juventus officially announced on the club’s website on the 12th (Korea Standard Time), “Juventus Football Club today received a temporary suspension order from the National Anti-Doping Court following the unfavorable results of the analysis conducted on August 20, 2023.”

Paul Pogba reportedly tested positive for testosterone after Juventus vs Udinese match. Italian media said Pogba was given three days to analyze the response to the results.

In a statement to Sky Sports News, Pogba’s chief executive, Rafaela Pimenta, said: “We are awaiting a counter-analysis and until then nothing can be said. What is certain is that Paul Pogba never wanted to break the rules,” he said, complaining of injustice.레모나토토

Under the rules on suspended players, Juventus only pays Pogba the minimum wage set out in a collective agreement with the Italian Footballers Association. In other words, Pogba receives about 2,000 euros (about 2.8 million won) a month.

Pogba is in danger of being suspended for four years, but that seems unlikely. Anti-doping regulations allow players to impose lighter penalties when acknowledging their responsibilities. In the end, a two-year suspension seems more likely. This means an agreement between the parties, not a sentence negotiation.

Pogba now has two options left. They agreed with the anti-doping investigator to halve the period of disciplinary action, were approved by the anti-doping agency, and were punished or tried by the anti-doping sports court at all risks. In the former case, it is not possible to appeal, but the latter can appeal to CAS.

Anti-doping investigators are still completing Pogba-related investigations and could be referred within the next 10 days. After that day, Pogba has 20 days to choose a settlement or trial. The trial is decided within 40 days.

Pogba cannot train with the Juventus squad, so he is currently training individually in swimming pools and gyms with his personal trainer.

Pogba’s Juventus contract, which runs through the summer of 2026, amounts to around €10.48 million (about W14.9 billion) a year, but he will now receive only a fraction of that. While the deal has not been ruled out to be complete, Juventus are awaiting updates from the player and his national team before making a big long-term decision in the future.

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