Retired at the age of 25 due to a drunk car accident…A special “retirement ceremony” will be held for Yoo Ji-won, Jeju GK Yoo Yeon-soo

Jeju announced the retirement of goalkeeper Yoo Yeon-soo on the 8th. Through the club’s official channel, the club announced, “Just a year ago, Yoo Yeon-soo, who was seriously injured in an unfortunate car accident and has been devoting himself to rehabilitation to this day, will make his first appearance in front of fans in the 36th round of the ‘Hana OneQ K League 1 2023’ against FC Seoul at Jeju World Cup Stadium on the 11th. Sadly, this is his farewell as a player. I would like to thank all the fans for their interest and visit and give me a warm applause.”토토사이트

As the club announced, Yoo was involved in an accident with a drunk driver while traveling in a car with goalkeeping teammates Kim Dong-joon and Lim Jun-seop in Seogwipo city in the early hours of October last year. The other members of the group were not seriously injured. However, Yoo underwent emergency surgery and is still rehabilitating. He is paralyzed from the waist down, making it difficult for him to perform daily activities without assistance.

About a year after the accident, Yoo decided to retire. Born in 1998, he was a promising backup goalkeeper for Jeju. He played eight games in Jeju’s jersey for three seasons, starting in 2020.

“After the surgery, I was more sad about not being able to play soccer than I was about not being able to walk,” Yoo said through the Jeju club. I felt the pain of someone stabbing me in the back and the difficulty of not being able to play soccer together. I felt so sorry for my family.” He added, “The words of Jeju officials, Jeju fans, fans of other teams, and players helped me. I’m rehabbing hard and getting over it. I am overcoming my sadness through soccer.”

Yoo has decided to pursue Para sports in the future. She is preparing for the Paralympic Games (Paralympic Games) to open her second life.

Meanwhile, Jeju has kept Yoo’s back number, “31,” this season. They have introduced Yoo as a registered player in every match.

Jeju will hold an autograph session for Yoo before the game against Seoul on Nov. 11. It will be his first time meeting fans at home in over a year. At halftime, Yoo will come out onto the field to say a final goodbye to the home fans.

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