“One Club Man” is surprised. “Giving up 3.1 billion won every year to stay in PHI.”

The amount of money One Club Man Aaron Nola, 30, gave up to remain with the Philadelphia Phillies has been revealed. He gave up $2.43 million (approximately KRW 3.1 billion) per year.

The Phillies signed Nola to a seven-year, $172 million contract after he became a free agent on Nov. 20 (ET).굿모닝토토 주소

The Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers, both looking to bolster their starting staffs, were in the mix, but they were unable to sway Nola’s decision to remain in Philadelphia.

On the 20th day after the contract announcement, Philadelphia’s local media outlet, the Philadelphia Inquirer, revealed what Atlanta and the LA Dodgers had offered Nola.

Atlanta is offering six years and $162 million, while the LA Dodgers are offering a total of $165 million. The length of the LA Dodgers’ deal is unknown.

That said, Nola has secured a contract that averages at least $27 million per year. If the Dodgers offered a six-year deal, the average annualized value would go up to $27.5 million.

Philadelphia’s offer of $172 million is higher in total value, but Atlanta’s offer is higher in average annual value, meaning he’s giving up $2.43 million per year.

Nola is giving up more than $300 million per year to stay in Philadelphia, where he was drafted and has played his entire major league career.

Of course, Nola may not get paid more than $20 million after the 2029 season. But Nola has been consistent enough to be called the Steel King.

And given the trend of major league salary increases, it’s quite possible that Nola could earn the average annualized value of this contract on a one-year deal in six years.

Nola will now be in a Philadelphia uniform through at least the 2030 season. Nola will be 37 years old in 2030, which means he could very well retire as a one-club man for the Phillies.

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