“I’ll win at the last Tancheon!”Seongnam aims to win against Ansan with Gabriel in front

The playoffs are out of reach, but two teams will be fighting for the beauty of the race.

Seongnam FC will host Ansan Greeners in the final match of the Hana OneQ K League 2 2023 at 3:30 p.m. on the 26th at Tancheon Sports Complex. Seongnam is in ninth place with 44 points (11 wins, 11 draws, 13 losses), while Ansan is in 13th place with 22 points (5 wins, 7 draws, 23 losses).레모나토토 주소

Both teams were eliminated from the playoffs early. Now it’s on to Yuzhong for beauty. Seongnam tried to get promoted right away in their first season after being relegated, but they failed to put together a winning streak and are sitting in ninth place. Ansan couldn’t get their act together amidst a shaky internal situation and dropped to the bottom of the table behind Cheonan City FC. Seongnam will be looking to finish with a win at home, while Ansan will be hoping for a dramatic turnaround.

They don’t have the motivation of the playoffs, but they have the will to win. How they finish the season can have a huge impact on the next season. In the case of Seongnam, they need to win to redeem themselves in the eyes of their disappointed home fans and give them hope for next season. Seongnam reportedly trained with a will to win in their last practice.

The head-to-head record favors Seongnam. Seongnam has won both games this season. They won the first match 2-1 and the second match 3-0. In terms of the overall record, Seongnam has the edge with five wins, four draws, and one loss in 10 games. The last time they lost to Ansan was on May 21, 2018, when they lost 1-2. Seongnam have met less often since their promotion to the K League 1, but they have certainly been stronger against Ansan.

Gabriel will be in the spotlight. Gabriel played well for Ansan in the first half of the season before moving to Seongnam in the summer. Since moving to Seongnam, he’s taken on the role of ace and has flourished. He will be aiming for the goal against his former club Ansan.

Meanwhile, Seongnam captain Cho Sung-wook said, “For our last game at home, we want to show a winning performance. We sincerely thank our fans for always supporting the team, and we hope that many people will come to the stadium as the players will be with the fans in various parts of the stadium on this day, including food trucks and hot packs.”

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