Cheonan City FC’s ‘abnormal’ selection process, both grades and operations are ‘bottom’

Cheonan City FC has an ‘abnormal’ selection process. Cheonan head coach Park Nam-yeol learned from an “external article” rather than from within the club that Busan IPark technical advisor Park Kyung-hoon had been appointed as Cheonan’s head coach for next season, just before the final match of the Hana OneQ K League 2 2023 against FC Anyang on March 26.

At the official press conference after the game against Anyang, Park said, “We became vice principals to go together next season, and I was given permission to stay on the last 10 days. I was preparing hard, but I don’t know what happened in a week. As a footballer, I feel sorry for him and I think there is a moral problem.” He strongly criticized the situation.

It is quite abnormal. Park has a two-year contract with Cheonan until 2024. Not only was he not told in advance that he would be replaced, but his position was abruptly changed after he received permission from the club’s secretariat and the owner, Cheonan Mayor Park Sang-don, to stay on. Park, who was planning for the next season after the end of the season, was hit with a stone on the head.토토사이트

This isn’t the first time Cheonan has done something out of the ordinary. In August, Cheonan appointed Lee Do-young as technical director. In the process, Cheonan, a foundation organization, did not post a formal job announcement. There was no formal process. It was not an open recruitment, but an external hire. Some speculated that the director was an entourage of advisor Park Kyung-hoon, and that he was doing preliminary work to ensure Park’s future position at Cheonan.

According to a source familiar with the club’s internal affairs, Lee and Park Nam-yeol had little interaction when it came to organizing the squad for next season. Lee and Park should have discussed together and scouted players through power analysis, but there was no such process.

Park acknowledged this. He said, “When Ahn Byung-mo was in charge, Park Park-hoon was added through the market line (without Jae-ga). There was a problem there. I knew from the beginning that he wasn’t here to help me,” he revealed.

There are also stories that the market was strongly involved in the “head coach change” rumors after he was reappointed. According to insiders, Park’s closest advisors have close ties to the mayor, and there are even suggestions that they may have influenced the player signing process during the summer transfer window.

Cheonan’s internal situation is a “mess” that is hardly believable for a professional club. Earlier this month, the club appointed a new youth director. U-18 coach Cho Sung-yong is also the director, but the team has created another position without any internal coordination.

Cheonan finished the 2023 season at the bottom of the K League 2 table after a tumultuous season. The team’s abnormal behavior towards the end of the season made it impossible to erase the image of a “bread-and-butter” club with a “messed-up” performance and administration.

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