Hanwha Noh Si-hwan, who nodded at NC Son Ah-seop, said, “Senior is a genius.”

Hanwha Eagles’ Noh Si-hwan (23), the “home run king,” has paid tribute to NC Dinos’ Son As-seop (35), the “batting king.

Noh had a year to be proud of. In 131 games in the 2023 season, he batted .298 with 153 hits, 31 home runs, 101 RBIs, and an OPS of .929, leading the league in home runs and RBIs.굿모닝토토 주소

With his breakout season under his belt, Noh made his mark at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games and the 2023 Asian Professional Baseball Championship, batting fourth in the lineup. At the Asian Games, he won a gold medal.

Noh was recognized as the best hitter of the 2023 season by baseball’s elders. He received the award for best hitter at the 2023 Korean Professional Baseball Retired Players’ Day, organized by the Korea Baseball Retired Players’ Association (KPA), held at Hotel Rivera Cheongdam Versailles Hall in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, on July 7.

Speaking to us after the ceremony, Noh said, “I’ve received a lot of awards lately, so I’m spending a lot of happy days. I feel like I’m running out of awards, but I’m always grateful. Even though I’m busy these days, I’m happy and it’s so good.”

At the awards ceremony on Nov. 4, Noh Si-hwan and Son As-seop’s hilarious interaction was a highlight. At the 2023 Daily Sports-Joa Pharmaceutical Baseball Awards, Noh playfully taunted Son that he should be nervous as he aimed to be the batting champion. In response, Son Asob said, “(Noh) Si-hwan taunted me at another award ceremony. I want to tell him that he can’t beat me in this lifetime.” He responded.

Noh responded, “I’m no match for you now. You have a great record. I’m the same age as you, but we should see what happens in 12 years. Later, when I’m your age, we’ll talk again,” he laughed.

Noh, who usually talks to Son about baseball, also expressed his admiration. He said, “You have so many contacts. We talk a lot about baseball, and he’s a genius. If you ask a lot of players what they think when they’re hitting, they have their own strike zone. But you see the ball and you hit the ball. I think it’s genius and talent,” he admired.

“I’m not a genius, I’m a hard worker. It’s a case of growing up a little bit. I learned a lot from Coach (Johnny) Washington when he was on the team about setting up my own strike zone at the plate.”

On his plans for the offseason, Noh said, “I remember the process of preparing for the last offseason. We did well this year, so we’re going to prepare similarly this time. I’m confident that if I grow every year, I can do better next year than this year. I will prepare well.”

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