Thanks to the fans who cheered me up… The driving force behind Gangwon FC’s remaining, ‘Orange Corps’

Gangwon FC has succeeded in staying in the K League 1 (1st Division) after twists and turns. The team had a long slump from the beginning of the season and was on the brink of relegation until the end, but they survived. The biggest driving force behind Gangwon’s survival was their fans. They believed in the team until the end and gave them a lot of support, giving them strength.레모나토토 주소

Gangwon won 2-1 at home in the second leg of the Hana One Q K League 2023 Promotion Playoffs (PO) against Gimpo FC at Gangneung Sports Complex on April 9. Despite giving up an equalizer after Gabriel’s (BRA) first goal, Gabriel rattled the net again to turn the game around.

With the win, Gangwon remained in the top division. This is the club’s eighth consecutive season in the top tier of Korean professional soccer after being promoted to the K League 1 in 2016. In addition, Gangwon has been promoted or retained in three of its four previous promotion POs. They suffered relegation in 2013 when they lost to Sangju Sangmu (now Gimcheon Sangmu), but they were promoted in 2016 after beating Seongnam FC and stayed up in 2021 with a win over Daejeon Hana Citizen.

The biggest driving force behind Gangwon’s stay was undoubtedly the Orange Corps. Individual fans, including Gangwon’s official supporters, Narsha, provided the team with passionate support until the very end, which allowed the players to fight and achieve their goal of staying in the competition.

In fact, Gangwon fans filled 3,583 seats at Suwon Samsung Stadium for the final regular-season game, cheering the team on with passion. As a result, the team finished the season in 10th place with a draw at the tricky ‘Big Bird’ (nickname for Suwon World Cup Stadium), avoiding direct relegation.

Gangwon’s fans were equally as passionate in the subsequent promotion PO first leg against Gimpo, selling out 675 seats away from home. The ‘Orange Corps’ cheered at the top of their lungs for the entire 90 minutes, even in the cold weather with temperatures dropping below freezing.

The ‘Orange Corps’ also gathered at Gangneung Sports Complex to cheer for the second leg of the promotion PO in Anbang. According to Gangwon officials, both the N (supporters’) and W (headquarters) seats were sold out, and the E seats were also packed with fans, with no empty seats in sight. The official crowd count was 11,130. This is the third highest attendance for Gangwon this season.

“We were able to stay because so many fans supported us until the end,” said Gangwon head coach Yoon Jung-hwan. “There was a lot of criticism from fans in the middle. However, we cleared up the misunderstanding through a meeting, and I asked them to ‘believe in us’ afterward. I’m grateful to the fans who believed in me and supported me until the end.”

“I’m really grateful to the fans. We had a lot of fans this year, and the atmosphere was electric. Even today, over 10,000 people came, and I’m happy that I was able to stay and give back to them.” He also promised his fans that he would come back after his military service in good health.

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