Park Gun-woo, Park Chan-ho, “Failed to win the award,” took care of Park Chan-ho… and “Parents.”

NC Park Gun-woo (33) has solved the ‘Han’ of six years ago. He proudly became the protagonist of the golden glove. He must have been nervous. He said he would become a more reliable player. Park Chan-ho (28-KIA), a junior, also took care of himself. He even showed his deep family love.

Park was named the winner of the 2023 KBO Golden Glove Award in the outfield category on Nov. 11 at the COEX Auditorium in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.헤라카지노

In the outfield category, three players are selected regardless of position. Of the 291 total votes cast, Hong Chang-ki received 258 votes (88.7%), followed by Koo Ja-rook with 185 votes (63.6%). Park Gun-woo was the winner with 139 votes (47.8%).

In the 2023 season, Park played 130 games, batting .319 with 12 home runs and 85 RBIs, with a .397 on-base percentage, .480 slugging percentage, and an OPS of 0.877. Not bad for any player.

His WAR (wins above replacement) on Statcast is 4.25, which ranks fourth among outfielders. His wRC+ (adjusted run production), an overall offensive metric, is 148.0. That’s third best among outfielders. Park’s presence has helped NC overcome the odds and make it to the playoffs.

Winning a Golden Glove seems like a no-brainer, but Park says, “I didn’t come here with any expectations. That’s because I went back six years ago feeling disappointed,” he said with a wry smile.

That was in 2017, when he hit .366 with 20 home runs, 78 RBIs, a .424 on-base percentage, a .582 slugging percentage and a 1.006 OPS in 131 games. His 7.01 WAR was second among outfielders and his wRC+ of 163.8 was also second among outfielders.

But at the Golden Glove ceremony, he walked away empty-handed. Controversy erupted. Park said, “I really wanted to win the Golden Glove, and I’m so happy that I did. Honestly, six years ago, I thought I would get it. I got it this time, and it looks really cool,” he laughed.

At the ceremony, there was another player who came and went just like he did six years ago. Park Chan-ho. The shortstop position was said to be a “fierce battle,” and Oh Ji-hwan became the winner. Oh received 154 votes and Park Chan-ho 120. It was only a 34-vote difference.

Park Chan-ho said, “I didn’t plan to come, but I thought it would be okay to come. I’m here to defend the dignity of second place, and I know it’s not easy. It feels good just to be mentioned with my idol,” he smiled.

In 2023, Park played 130 games, batting .301 with three home runs, 52 RBIs, 30 doubles, and an OPS of .734. Oh hit .268 with eight homers, 62 RBIs, 16 doubles and an OPS of 0.767 in 126 games.

In WAR, Oh leads with 3.89 and Park Chan-ho is second with 3.69. In wRC+, Oh produced 121.9 and Park 108.4. It’s fair to say that Oh had the better metric, but Chan-ho Park deserved it.

“He did a good job this year. There will be another chance next time. (Park) Chan-ho is still young. He’ll definitely get his chance. I hope I can use it as motivation to do much better and become a unanimous winner. I want him to be the kind of player who comes in thinking, ‘Of course I’m going to win,'” he encouraged.

He also said, “It’s the same for me. I will work hard so that the word ‘competition’ doesn’t come up and the evaluation of my position is ‘Park Gun-woo deserves it’. I want to receive it next year,” he vowed.

In addition, there is something that Park Gun-woo said on this day, “Please use it.” It’s his parents. “I have more than 1,300 hits in my career, and my parents must have seen every single one of them. I’m so grateful. I’ve expressed my gratitude in interviews, but I really wanted to say it on the big stage,” he said.

“I’ve been holding back a lot. I really wanted to say that I want to play baseball for my parents for the rest of my life. I love them so much, I respect them so much. My parents are special. They’re always the first person I think of, and they’re the first person I lean on. I just love them so much.”

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