footballers who have nowhere to play because they are late to submit their papers


A team in the K4 league of semi-professional football is facing expulsion from the league for failing to file paperwork.

The players are facing job losses, and there are criticisms of the Football Association’s proactive administration.월카지노


The players of Sejong FC have recently received some devastating news.

They were informed that the club will be disbanded next year after being expelled from the K4 League.

[Jung Byung-joo/Sejong FC: “Some of the players are finding it difficult to make ends meet without immediate income.”]

Sejong FC was notified by Sejong City in August of the cancellation of its affiliation agreement due to the bankruptcy of its previous owner.

A new parent company in the hotel business stepped in to take over, and chose Jincheon, Chungcheongbuk-do as its new home.

However, they were blocked by the relevant regulations of the Korean Football Association.

The move must be pre-approved by the end of September, and since we were not informed, we will not be able to play in the K4 League next season.

[Son Jin-young/Executive Director of the acquiring club: “A former club employee told me that we only needed to submit the application by the end of November, but the federation had already approved it.”]

The club explained the situation, but the association drew the line at compliance.

However, there is some criticism that the association is being overly prescriptive without taking into account the special circumstances of changing ownership.

The players, who immediately lost their jobs because the paperwork was late, are making a desperate appeal.

[Seo Dong-woon/Sejong FC: “There are many players who can’t get a chance here, and I hope the Football Association will give them a chance.”]

The K4 League was launched three years ago by Football Association president Chung Mong-kyu with the dream of perfecting a Korean-style promotion system.

As the league is still in its infancy, there are calls for a more proactive administration from the Football Association to help the league take hold.

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