“I met him three times. But…” Is the FA contract between Cha Myung-seok and Lim Chan-kyu going into a long-term battle

As expected, it’s going to take some time. This is the story of the negotiations between LG CEO Cha Myung-seok and FA Im Chan-gyu.

Cha Myung-seok and Im Chan-gyu had three rounds of negotiations. Im’s agent, Lee Yerang, and a representative from Rico Sports traveled to the United States in early December to attend the Major League Baseball Winter Meetings and returned home on the 10th. Before the Golden Globe Awards ceremony on the 11th, Cha Myung-seok and Lee held a third round of negotiations.헤라카지노

“We first met at the end of November, and we talked for about an hour and a half on Zoom in the United States. It was our third meeting, and we talked about various proposals,” said Lee. In the third round of negotiations, they came up with a more concrete proposal, but Cha Myung-seok said, “I think it will take some time. We will continue to meet and narrow it down.”

Lim’s performance this year has been outstanding. In 30 games (26 starts) this year, he has a 14-3 record with a 3.42 ERA. He ranked third in wins (14) and second in winning percentage (.824), both career highs. He started the season in a long-relief role, but moved into the starting rotation in late April and performed well.

However, the last two years have been less successful. In 2021, Lim went 1-8 with a 3.87 ERA in 17 games, and in 2022, he went 6-11 with a 5.04 ERA in 23 games. Im was eligible for free agency last year, but he opted to wait and re-sign with the team, a move that paid off.

The two sides will have to come to an agreement on how to determine his future value. So far, the signings of Class A free agents have been a bit overheated.

In this free agency market, Lee signed three free agents, Ahn Chi-hong (Hanwha, 4+2 years up to 7.2 billion won), Kim Jae-yoon (Samsung, 4+4 years up to 5.8 billion won), and Yang Suk-hwan (Doosan, 4+2 years up to 7.8 billion won). Not only was the amount of money involved, but the 4+2-year contracts were unusual.

Lee Yerang said, “It’s a style of throwing things in and out. “Ahn Chi-hong was done quickly, but he said he wanted to sign a free agent contract quickly this time. Hanwha contacted me, so I thought I’d take a look at him, and it was quick. I think it might work out for Im Chan-gyu at some point as well.”

“As I said in the broadcast, I want to finish the contract with the mindset of ‘bang, bang, bang! If he receives an offer that he likes, he would like to end it quickly, but it will take time for a satisfactory contact to be formed.

At a recent award ceremony, Cha Myung-seok jokingly said, “It’s quite difficult to gather 1.2 million spectators, and it’s difficult to win the championship after 29 years, but the most difficult thing is to sign a free agent contract with Im Chan-gyu,” and negotiations with Im are not easy.

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