‘Gidong Magic’ to Seoul… ‘I’ll recreate it in glory’

Professional soccer team FC Seoul has named Kim Ki-dong as its new head coach.

After leading the club to an FA Cup win and a second-place league finish this year, Kim coined the phrase “maneuvering magic” and promised to bring back “Seoul glory.월카지노

FC Seoul, which has been stuck in the Final B for four consecutive seasons, has chosen Kim Ki-dong as its trump card to ‘rebuild the franchise’.

He reportedly received the highest level of treatment in the K League during his three-year contract.

Kim is a proven leader in Pohang.

He earned the nickname “Ki-Dong Magic” for leading the club to an FA Cup win and Asian Champions League runner-up finish in 2019 despite a shoestring budget.

Now he takes on a new challenge in Seoul.

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