7 months of “humiliating replacement”, but is Manchester United’s next destination?… “The right person to change the team”

Former Chelsea manager Graham Potter (48) is being mentioned as a replacement for Erik ten Hag (53) of Manchester United.

Sky Sports, a British media outlet, reported on the 15th (Korea time), “Although Potter failed miserably to Chelsea, he is highly regarded in the soccer community. Many people like his philosophy and the way he plays.” “James Ratcliffe, 71, who took part in Manchester United’s acquisition, will consider appointing Potter if Ten Hag’s slump continues. He is considered the right person for the team’s long-term project.”랭크카지노

Manchester United has been in disarray lately. The team already had seven losses (nine wins) in 16 matches in the 2023-2024 season in the English Premier League, falling behind in sixth place, and was eliminated at the bottom of the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. Rumors of Ten Hag’s replacement are rising day after day. Sky Sports said, “Sports coach Dave Brazford conducted a full-scale audit at Old Trafford. Soon, it will be the core of Manchester United’s management,” adding, “He will completely change the team structure. He can also replace the team’s coaching staff.”

Analysts say that Potter could be appointed as the next Chelsea manager. Potter was fired seven months after taking the helm of Chelsea due to his poor performance. He is known to have been appointed by Chelsea’s new owner Todd Boehly, but he left the team in disgrace with a devastating performance. “Potter failed miserably at Chelsea,” Sky Sports said. “Brafford and Ratcliffe have investigated the club to acquire Manchester United over the past two months,” adding, “They may have confirmed uncertainty about the coach’s future.” Ten Haah said he has lost three games in the past four games and is under pressure.

The media then predicted, “The INEOS group owned by Ratcliffe will run the Manchester United club. The group will put Porter as the top priority as a candidate for Manchester United coach.”

Manchester United will face Liverpool on the 18th. It suffered a humiliating 0-7 defeat at Anfield last season. At that time, the British local reported on the possibility of replacing Ten Haq. There is a possibility that the fate will be decided in the second Anfield expedition. “If Ten Haq loses to Liverpool again this time, he will be under severe pressure,” Sky Sports said, adding, “There have been five manager changes in four years at other clubs owned by INEOS.”

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