Hwang Moon-ki, who had an eventful season, said, “The change of position was ‘Turning Point’, I really ran like a dead horse.”

Gangwon FC midfielder Hwang Moon-ki (27) had an eventful season. Playing mostly as substitutes early in the season, he got another chance by playing full-time as a starting player for the first time under Yoon Jung-hwan (50), who took the helm of Gangwon FC in mid-June. However, Hwang dropped his head again soon afterwards due to “unfortunate injury.”

Hwang Mun-ki returned after rehabilitation for about a month, but was pushed back to the bench and was not given a chance to play. Even if he played, he had difficulty in improving his sense of play and condition, so most of them played for a short time as a substitute. Gangwon was on the verge of “death” as it fell to the relegation zone, so he had to have a harder time.월카지노

Hwang hit a new turning point right before entering the final round. Originally playing as a center midfielder or winger, he switched to sideback based on coach Yoon Jung-hwan’s recommendation. And it became a “turning point” in his soccer career. After switching to sideback, he started to receive opportunities again, and he showed good performances and solidified his position as a starting player.

Notably, Hwang started in both the first and second rounds of the playoff and spearheaded the effort to keep Gangwon in the team. Notably, he scored an offensive point in the second round of the playoff, leading the team to win. At that time, he attempted overlapping at the 31st minute of the second half and crossed into the penalty box to help Gabriel (23) score the come-from-behind winning goal. Eventually, when Gangwon remained, Hwang shed tears.

Looking back on the eventful season, Hwang said, “I’m so glad and happy to be able to smile at the end while staying,” adding, “I became a turning point in my soccer career as I changed my position to a sideback.” “As it was an opportunity that I had a hard time getting, I think I prepared it with a stronger mindset not to miss it. I really played to the death.”

Below is Hwang Moon-ki’s interview with Q&A.

How do you feel about this season.

“As a team, things continued to be difficult this season, but I’m so glad and happy to be able to laugh at the end while staying. Personally, I think it was a season where I changed my position to a sideback in the middle and became a “turning point” in my soccer life.”

I think it will be a shame that the season is over while I was constantly getting opportunities to improve my performance and gain confidence.

“It’s a shame, but I felt more pressure until the end as I started both the first and second rounds of PO that determined my fate to remain. I also experienced promotion and promotion in 2021, and I was a substitute member at that time. But this time, I started both games. With these two games, everyone could laugh and cry, so I felt a lot of pressure and it was hard. I really don’t want to experience that pressure again. Only those who have really experienced it can know.”

When comparing the promotion POs for the year 21 and this year, when was the hardest time.

“It was hard in the year of 21, but I felt more pressure this year. But the promotion PO is really hard and I’m very nervous every time I experience it.”

Unfortunately, he raised the attack point every time he was promoted, helping him stay.

“In the 21st year, all the players who played first did a good job, and it was like putting the spoon on the table. I really think so. I also did really badly in the first half of the promotion and promotion PO second round. I crossed twice in the first half, but it was too strange. I thought to put it up well in the second half, and the coach told me to just pay attention to the crosses. Actually, when I helped Gabriel with the goal, I thought the cross was wrong. But I think Gabriel scored it because it was well received in quality.”

I’d be grateful to Gabriel for getting a cross and scoring a goal.

“He talks like this, but I told him once to buy me a meal when I met Gabriel. I think Gabriel will be silent based on his appearance, but he’s very playful and funny.”

He kept crying after the second round of promotion PO.

“After the game was over, I didn’t know what I was feeling, but all of a sudden, I kept crying. Players around me teased me asking why I was crying on a happy day, but I couldn’t stop crying because I didn’t want to. Eventually, I think I shed a lot of tears because the ending came out that I wanted while staying. Now that I think about it, I’m so embarrassed. I keep posting crying pictures and videos on Instagram. I’m embarrassed, but I think I made a fun memory.”

I’ve been out of the game for a long time in the middle of this season.

“I played full-time against Pohang Steelers in the quarterfinals of the FA Cup, which was the second game since Yoon Jung-hwan took the helm. At that time, I stepped on my ankle by the end of the game. I thought it was a tolerable injury, but I couldn’t, so I went to the hospital and got a diagnosis, but my condition was not good. Since then, I took about a month off while rehabilitating.”

Even after returning, he did not receive many opportunities, but changed his position to a sideback and took the main spot.

“A week before returning from injury, the team beat Ulsan Hyundai 2-0. It’s a very good thing for the team, but I was actually very nervous personally. I thought a lot about whether there would be a place to play if I went back. I tried to keep my mind on it and my wife always cheered me on, so I overcame it well. However, after returning to the team, I was pushed back to the bench because my condition and performance did not improve much, but after that, I was given a chance to change my position to sideback. As it was a difficult opportunity, I think I prepared with a stronger mind not to miss it.”

As the team changed its position in a difficult situation and was assigned a heavy task, it seems that the team was determined differently.

“Your commitment to play in the game is different. Since I didn’t have many opportunities to play, I always play for one minute with the mindset that I will do my best on the ground. However, I felt pressured as much as the coach and coach gave me an opportunity and looked forward to it. In particular, if I do something wrong, the coach and the coach take responsibility for it, so I did my best. I was so sorry that I did so poorly in the first game against FC Seoul. So from the next game, I played as hard as I could.”

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