“It’s not a 10-year success.” Dodgers reinforce storm, sign a five-year, 178 billion won extension contract with Glasnow

The Los Angeles Dodgers signed a five-year extension contract with Tyler right-handed pitcher Glasnow (30), who was acquired by the Los Angeles Dodgers in a trade, for a total of $136.5 million (178 billion won).

MLB.COM reported on the 17th (Korea Standard Time) that “Glasnow agreed to extend the contract with the Dodgers for 136.5 million dollars over five years.” It also accepted the condition of $10 million in down payment and $30 million if the club invokes the option in 2028.

The Dodgers agreed on a two-to-two trade with the Dodgers on Wednesday. Instead of receiving Glasnow and outfielder manual Margot (29), they will be given prospect Ryan Pepiot (26) and Jani Deluca (25).월카지노

Tampa Bay, a “small market,” will be able to cut back on its team’s annual salary as it wished by sending Glasnow, whose annual salary for next season is 25 million dollars (5.35 million dollars in 2022). In contrast, the Dodgers desperately needed to reinforce starting resources.

MLB.COM evaluated, “The Dodgers, which created a hot heat with Otani’s record contract, raised the offseason heat by bringing Glasnow, one of the best starting pitchers this offseason, in a trade.”

Glasnow has 10-7 with a 3.53 ERA in 21 games this season. He pitched a total of 120 innings and struck out 162 times. His batting average is low at 0.209, and his strength is that he has fastballs at speeds of up to 160 kilometers per hour. He contributed to advancing to the World Series in 2020, and he also started as a starting pitcher for Tampa Bay in 2021. Glasnow’s overall record is 30 wins and 27 losses with a 3.89 ERA in 127 games. However, his durability is his weakness due to frequent injuries.

The Dodgers tried to reinforce their power by keeping Glasnow, who drew attention to his future following Shohei Ohtani, as an extension contract.

Against the backdrop of his recent contract with the Dodgers, Ohtani said, “I don’t think the last 10 years that the Dodgers have experienced is a success at all.” “I was impressed by his strong will to win.”

The Dodgers has won the National League West 10 times in the last 11 years. In 2020, which was held due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team won its seventh World Series title.

Ohtani, who aspires to win more than anyone else, even offered the Dodgers a grace period. He signed a 10-year contract for a total of 700 million dollars, and decided to receive 680 million dollars 10 years later.

Dodgers has been able to manage its team by avoiding burden of luxury tax (wealth tax). Ohtani wanted to use this money to strengthen his team’s capability, including recruiting players. Dodgers has beefed up its power by recruiting Glasnow. Glasnow is paid a normal salary without any delay.

The Dodgers’ next target is Yoshinobu Yamamoto, a Japanese pitcher who is considered the biggest fish in free agency. Yamamoto became the first Japanese professional baseball to win four consecutive awards including multiple wins, ERA, strikeouts and winning percentage in the Pacific League for the third consecutive year. Yamamoto has recently met with the New York Mets, New York Yankees, and San Francisco Giants to raise his ransom. The Dodgers also had meetings with Yamamoto, including Ohtani, Mookie Betts, and Freddie Freeman. In other words, Yamamoto’s strategy is to gain favor by utilizing “superstars.”

MLB.COM analyzed, “Otani agreed to an unprecedented suspension of salary payments, so the Dodgers can afford to recruit more star players,” adding, “We will need Yamamoto as much as our rival clubs to win the championship.”

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