LG Twins Win Korean Series Integration in Regular Season for the First Time in 29 Years

The ‘Proudness of Seoul’ LG Twins topped the Korean Series in professional baseball for the first time in almost a generation.

LG won the Korean Series against KT Wiz, ranking second in the regular league, for the first time in 29 years since 1994, when it had four consecutive wins after one loss. Just as it did 29 years ago, LG won the regular league and the Korean Series one after another and kicked the champion belt as a unified champion.헤라카지노

LG, which originally took over the club MBC Blue Dragon and re-founded it in 1990, won the Korean Series for the third time since that year and 1994.

LG, which established itself as a popular club in the 1990s with “New Wind Baseball,” fell into a long and deep darkness after finishing runner-up in the Korean Series in 2002.

He couldn’t even step on the fall baseball stage, let alone win the championship due to frequent manager changes, but only advanced to the playoffs as the second place in the regular league in 2013 when former coach Kim Ki-tae was led, and returned to the postseason for the first time in 11 years.

Since then, he has strengthened his physical strength by fostering promising players and accumulating experience in big games, and finally stretched to regain the top this year when he appointed Yeom Kyung-yeop, the winning contractor.

With baseball playing fearlessly and a bat that has been active throughout the season, LG finally confirmed its direct advance to the Korean Series on Oct. 3 with nine games left in the regular league after maintaining its top spot for more than three months since taking the lead on June 27.

After 1989 (excluding 1999-2000, which was held in a single league), LG, which held an 84.4% chance of winning the Korean Series for the top team in the regular league, lost 2-3 to KT in the first game, but won 5-4 in the second game thanks to Park Dong-won’s dramatic two-run home run.

He then laughed again with Oh Ji-hwan’s come-from-behind three-run home run in the ninth inning in Game 3 in Suwon, and won Game 4, raising the probability of winning to 94%.

In Game 5, which LG returned to Jamsil, LG won 6-2 with ace Casey Kelly’s good pitching and hot offensive baseball, and enthusiastically solved the (恨) with fans who formed a wave of glossy jumpers.

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