Two head shots → ankle ligament injury → PS of fighting spirit…’ compensation, first ‘billion-dollar annual salary’ in his life

Seo has had an eventful year in 2023. He was hit in the head by a ball from Seo Jin-yong at the match against SSG in April, and was hit in the head by a ball from Kim Kang-ryul in September. As he was excluded from the entry list for 10 days in April, he had to watch for aftereffects, and fractured his nose in September. There were two dizzying scenes that cannot be seen even once in his career.헤라카지노

That’s not all. In August, he had a pinky finger injury while sliding while running the base, and he even had a ligament injury in his ankle ahead of the end of the season.

Seo Ho-cheol, who struggled with terrible bad luck, appeared in 114 games this season and finished the season with a batting average of 287 with five home runs and 41 RBIs (on-base plus slugging percentage) of 0.714 (OPS).

After the season, Seo was considered a “fighting spirit.” As the NC Dinosaurs finished the regular season in fourth place, they started playing as wild cards. Although his ankle ligament injury did not recover completely, Seo had to play only one game in the Futures League to check his sense of play in the game, and he was immediately included in the wild card entry.

He was not in a 100 percent physical condition. It is difficult to take steps on both sides during the defense process. Seo expressed his intention to try. After much thought, NC`s coach expressed hope that he would handle only the ball that comes head-on.

Ahead of the game, Seo Ho-cheol said, “I still have pain,” but added, “I think adrenaline will come out when I play.”

Seo Ho-cheol, who was also famous for “Akbari” in the team, endured pain and continued his defense by flying.

The wild card game was played by Seo Ho-cheol. It was his first postseason performance, but he shone as a hero. He had three hits (one homer) and six RBIs from four times at bat, including a grand slam from the upset in the fourth inning, leading his team to advance to the semi-playoff. The Daily MVP of the wild card game was Seo Ho-cheol.

In the semi-playoffs with SSG Landers, he also took the lead in winning all three games with a batting average of .400 (4 hits in 10 at-bats).

He continued to show good performances, but he did not suffer pain. Both of his ankles were not normal. After going through hospital tests, he even heard that his ligament was broken. Seo Ho-cheol, who secretly left the ground in the post season, said, “Actually, it’s a lie if it doesn’t hurt. I will endure it for now and run as long as I can.”

After an eventful season, Seo Ho-cheol has been reborn as NC’s main third baseman. With Park Seok-min announcing his retirement after this season, Seo Ho-cheol’s appearance marks a natural change of generation.

The club also recognized Seo Ho-cheol’s performance. He was recognized as the No. 1 player in both pitching and batting. Recently, annual salary negotiations were held, and he stamped his seal for more than 100 million won.

Seo has started training again. After going through ankle rehabilitation, he started exercising early for next season. Currently, he is constantly appearing at Changwon NC Park to train.

He has been evaluated as talented enough to become the batting champion of the Futures League in 2021. He displayed potential despite injuries this season. Making a commitment to a year without injury, Seo started preparing for the next stage in earnest.

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