“Congratulations on joining the army” begins talks with Juventus… The opportunity to escape from Manchester City is here!

Juventus have begun discussions with Manchester City over the transfer of Kalvin Phillips (27).랭크카지노

Kalvin Phillips has been in the spotlight since 2014-15 season when he played for Leeds United. Back then, he dominated the midfield with his outstanding performance. As a defensive midfielder, he continued to pressure his opponents and helped build up the back with his accurate pass skills.

Manchester City paid attention to Phillips’ performance and successfully secured him for the 2022-23 season. Phillips’ transfer fee was 45 million pounds (about W75 billion). However, he became a star player. He failed to adjust to Manchester City’s soccer and did not get a chance to play. He only played in two league games in his first season, and he played in four games as a substitute this season.

Phillips also experienced controversy over “overweight” at Manchester City. Pep Guardiola pointed out the problem, saying, “Philips returned from the national team with an overweight condition.” As a result, eating habits, which have been problematic since Leeds, have been re-examined.

In the end, Phillips is looking for a new team in the upcoming winter transfer market in January. There are also various transfer rumors. Rival Manchester United, West Ham United, and Bayern Munich are watching Phillips.

Among them, Juventus is the most aggressive in recruiting. The U.K.’s “90MIN” reported on the 20th (Korea Standard Time) that Juventus wants to add Phillips to the midfield and has started discussions with Manchester City on a transfer.

Juventus wants to recruit Phillips because of Paul Pogba. Pogba has been banned from September after testing positive for doping since the opening of this season. Recently, he was suspended for four years. As a result, he needed a new midfielder and selected Phillips as his target.

The media explained, “Juventus has been willing to recruit Phillips from the past. They are currently discussing the details of the contract with Manchester City. Juventus wants to rent in January, and Manchester City is willing to accept the offer if it includes a complete transfer clause.”

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