Does Toronto join? Jace Journal “Kim Ha-sung, a bargain contract, may be interested in Toronto.”

The Toronto Blue Jays emerged as a candidate who could take Kim Ha-sung (San Diego Padres) in a trade.

In an article titled “Who can the Blue Jays target in the trade when the Padres want a salary cut?” on the 21st (Korea time), the Jays Journal wrote that the player was Kim Ha-sung.월카지노

As a result, the number of teams that can trade Kim Ha-sung has increased to three: the Boston Red Sox, the San Francisco Giants, and Toronto.

“When Kim Ha-sung came to MLB from the KBO in 2021, the Blue Jays were actually one of the teams that showed interest, but he eventually signed a four-year, $28 million contract with the Padres,” the Jays Journal said. “The deal looked like a ‘hull price’ as a result, and Kim Ha-sung has turned into a really solid player over the past few seasons.”

“Kim Ha-sung especially showed an explosive performance in 2023, recording 110 OPS+ and 40 long hits, and rWAR 5.8 was 11th overall in MLB. He went on to win the NL Gold Glove Award in the utility category and ranked 14th in MVP voting,” he said, adding, “Despite all this, he seems to be a potential trade candidate.”

He continued, “Kim Ha-sung performs very well at both second and third basemen. He spent most of last year as a second baseman, but he also spent most of his time as a third baseman and shortstop, displaying great defense anywhere in the line. His dWAR was 2.1, ranking 13th in the league last season,” adding, “Not only did he help solidify the Blue Jays’ infield defense, but he has proven to be a reliable striker over the past few seasons. He has not much power at bat with just 36 home runs in 419 games, but he has a good eye for 21st place in walk percentage last season. He also took advantage of the new base rule last season, making 38 of his 47 steals.”

“If the Blue Jays recruit Kim Ha-sung in a trade, he will be on a one-year loan while figuring out the long-term future of the infield, but that doesn’t mean he will come cheaply. There were not many reports on exactly how much his price was, but San Diego is likely to want a pitcher close to the level of the big league with two prospects,” he predicted.

“Kim Ha-sung may not be a superstar, but he can dramatically improve the team’s infield defense, provide a solid bat, and pose a serious threat at base,” Jace Journal concluded.

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