For 12 years, 423.1 billion won… Japan’s special ace also went to the Dodgers

Yamamoto is a right-handed ace pitcher who debuted with the Orix Buffaloes in the Japanese professional baseball (NPB) in 2017 and has recorded 70 wins and 29 losses with a 1.82 ERA and 922 strikeouts so far this year. He has achieved the “Pitcher Triple Crown (multiple wins, ERA, No. 1 strikeout)” for the last three years, sweeping the Sawamura Award, the Japanese version of the Cy Young Award, and the MVP of the league. Although he is not tall at 178 centimeters, he uses various breaking balls such as curves, splitters, and sliders with a fastball reaching 160 kilometers per hour. He also played for the national team and led Japan to the gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the WBC (World Baseball Classic) victory this year.

After the end of this season, he announced that he would enter MLB through a posting system (closed bid). Along with Ohtani, he was considered one of the biggest players in the transfer market. Several prestigious pro teams including the New York Mets and the New York Yankees tried to recruit him. Notably, Mets owner Steve Cohen invited Yamamoto to his home and even offered him a meal, showing his strong will to recruit him. Yamamoto eventually joined the Dodgers. The Dodgers invited some of its best stars Ohtani, Mookie Betts, and Freddie Freeman to its recruitment presentation, expressing their sincerity, and an electronic display board inside Dodger Stadium reportedly showed Yamamoto’s name and a video of him wearing a Dodgers uniform. Mets and Yankees also offered him a contract similar to that of the Dodgers, but it was not enough.월카지노

Unlike Ohtani, who agreed to receive 97 percent of the contract amount from 10 years later, Yamamoto reportedly does not have a “deferral” clause in his contract. The $325 million Yamamoto was supposed to receive was the highest ever guaranteed amount for a pitcher. It exceeded Garrett Cole (33) of the New York Yankees (32 million dollars). The 12-year contract is also the longest ever for a pitcher. However, Cole, who signed a nine-year contract, is paid higher than Yamamoto. It is the highest ever contract for an Asian player to join the MLB. The previous No. 1 spot was Masahiro Tanaka (35) who signed a 15-year contract with the New York Yankees in 2014.

The Dodgers, which is aiming to win the World Series next season, is showing “broad strides” in the upcoming Stove League. Shortly after signing the contract with Ohtani, the team signed a five-year, 135 million-dollar extension contract with the Tampa Bay Rays, and eventually caught Yamamoto again. It spent 1.16 billion dollars just to sign the three players. The Dodgers’ last victory was in 2020. It advanced to the postseason as the No. 1 player in the National League West this season, but was eliminated in the Division Series after losing to the Arizona Diamondbacks for three consecutive games.

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