Four Out of 5 New Faces Switch “Not Coincidental”, Foreign Batters Trend Changes

The stove league clock is moving busily. With most clubs completing the composition of foreign players, it has a remarkable feature.

Five of the nine teams, except for the NC Dinos, who have yet to reach a contract, chose to replace foreign batters, four of whom are switch hitters.

Only Samsung Lions’ new foreign player David McKinnon is a right-handed hitter and Mel Rojas Jr., who will wear the KT Wiz uniform again after winning the league MVP in 2020, as well as Doosan Bears Henry Ramos, Lotte Giants Victor Reyes, and Hanwha Eagles Jonathan Peraza, who have stepped into the KBO league for the first time, are switch heaters that can hit both left and right.

Hanwha was the first to move forward. Hanwha signed the contract with Peraza on April 19 for a total of 1 million U.S. dollars (down payment of 200,000 dollars, annual salary of 600,000 dollars, option of 200,000 dollars).

Hanwha gladly offered Ferraza, who is capable of defending against outfielders and has passionate style of play, a cap on the annual salary of foreign players in his first year in the KBO League. “His batting abilities to left and right are not very different, and he hits long balls and hits a batting average,” a team source who had a telephone conversation with Star News said. “There are not many players who hit both sides equally. Most players hit at bat. I liked that.”

Hanwha’s new foreign hitter Jonathan Peraza. /AFPBBNews=News1
Wearing the KT uniform, Rojas is a batter that no explanation is required. Since joining the KT uniform for the first time in 2017, he has displayed robust performance with a batting average of 0.321, 132 homers and 409 RBIs. Notably, he had a batting average of 0.349 47 homers, 135 RBIs and 116 runs in 2020, as he became four times the batting average, including homers, RBIs, runs scored, and slugging percentage, and acquired the MVP. Verification of right and right at-bats for both players has already been completed.

Despite tough times in the Japanese professional baseball league, KT believes that Rojas has no problem with his physical condition and is still competitive. KT awarded Rojas 900,000 U.S. dollars.

Lotte brought in Reyes for a total of 950,000 U.S. dollars (guaranteed amount of 700,000 dollars, incentive of 250,000 dollars). Reyes, who also played in the Major League, also showed off his slugging capability by hitting 20 home runs for Triple-A Team under the Chicago White Sox this year. He was highly praised for his outfield capability, his ability to defend all positions in the outfield, and his ability to hit left and right at bat. “I hope Reyes will quickly adapt to the KBO League and play a central role in the team’s batting lineup through his athletic ability and attitude to focus on baseball,” said Park Jun-hyuk, the team’s general manager.헤라카지노

Doosan completed recruiting Ramos on Monday. It is valued at 700,000 dollars. Jose Rojas, who led its batting lineup last year by displaying strong batting performance, had a good batting performance, but Ramos was greedy enough to give up the batting performance.

The most important thing was that he was a hitter who could solve defense problems. On top of that, he was also attractive as he was a switch hitter. An official from Doosan, who led the contract, told Star News in a telephone interview on Monday, “He gave extra points in that left-handed hitters come first and are not weak even as right-handed hitters. He is a switch hitter with high value.” “Usually, when a batter’s box is excellent, the other team does not, and many switch hitters hit the ball together. Ramos, however, showed his powerful swing in right-handed games, giving him high scores.”

It is noteworthy that four of the five new players are switch hitters. A Doosan official said, “This is a clear trend this season,” adding, “These results are no coincidence.” This proves that the value of switch hitters, who are more complete than in the past, is definitely getting more recognition.

Modern baseball is becoming more analytical. A closer analysis of each player’s characteristics is possible, and based on this, the opponent team’s method is studied. In that sense, the fact that both left and right at-bats are possible can confuse the opponent team.

Even from the manager’s point of view, who has to form a batting order depending on the opposing pitcher, if a foreign hitter with long-range power can play both at-bats, his thoughts can be simpler.

What kind of results will the four switch hitters, including Rojas, who returned to the KBO league this season? Will the judgment of each team that chooses to replace foreigners be successful? The results are expected to have a significant impact on the direction of recruitment of foreign hitters in the future.

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