Investment of 5.8 billion → transfer money of 700 million → recruitment of ex-convicts, and play a proper game of bullpen session. He has a contract left before signing an FA contract

Samsung is making all-out efforts to recruit bullpen pitcher in this season’s stove league. It is because Samsung has agonized over bullpen pitcher issues all season long. Samsung’s ERA for relief pitchers in the 2023 season is 5.16, the last in the league. It ranked eighth in the team’s rankings, but the situation in the bullpen was worse than that of Hanwha (4.38), which ranked ninth, and Kiwoom (4.94), which ranked 10th.헤라카지노

The bullpen pitcher’s hit rate was 0.282, second to last, and the POPS was last at 0.782. The record proves that bullpen pitchers allowed a lot of on-base hits, including hits, and many of them led to runs.

Oh Seung-hwan, the best closing pitcher in the history of the KBO, suffered a slump, and the back door was in total trouble. During the season, he gave up Lee Won-seok and brought Kim Tae-hoon from Kiwoom, but it did not have much effect.

After finishing the regular season with disappointing 8th place in the end, Samsung aggressively stepped up efforts to reinforce its position. The first team to recruit bullpen pitcher Kim Jae-yoon as an outside free agent. Kim Jae-yoon, who played as a closing pitcher for KT, is a powerful closing pitcher who has made 169 saves in total, and 30 saves for the last three consecutive seasons. Samsung signed the contract by giving FA Kim Jae-yoon a total of 5.8 billion won for four years. That is how desperate Samsung was. Some baseball officials said 5.8 billion won is larger than expected, but the team’s willingness to solve the problem behind the scenes was clearly felt.

In the second draft, Samsung consecutively nominated bullpen pitchers in the first and second rounds. It was LG’s bullpen pitcher Choi Sung-hoon in the first round, and Yang Hyun in the second round, who had been active as a must-win group at Kiwoom until recently. Even in the second draft, a team that designates players has to pay transfer money per round. Samsung spent 700 million won (400 million in the first round and 300 million in the second round) to reinforce two bullpen pitchers.

It is not the end yet. Samsung announced on Wednesday that it would recruit pitcher Lee Min-ho, who was released from the NC Dinosaurs. “If we continue this season without any injury, we will be able to display competitive edge as a pitcher who adds depth to the bullpen,” Samsung said.

On top of that, FA negotiations are also ongoing. Negotiations on the FA with Oh Seung-hwan are continuing, and the expectation that Samsung’s recruitment of the bullpen will not end here is gaining convincing power.

Veteran sidearm pitcher Woo Kyu-min transferred through the second draft, but Samsung’s wide-ranging move to recruit bullpen caught fire. Samsung, which holds a bitter report card of failing fall baseball for the second consecutive year, dreams of rebounding by strengthening its weaknesses.

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