‘Hello for a moment’ 224K ace left… shoulder-heavy 1.7 billion Panama-made innings, can he lead last-place rebellion

Kiwoom announced the renewal of his contract with Hurado on the 22nd. Kiwoom won Furado’s heart for a total of $1.3 million, including $1.2 million in annual salary and $100,000 in incentives. This season, Hurado’s annual salary was $1 million.

Even after last season was his KBO debut season, he played the role of ace by showing his ability to digest innings, which is responsible for more than six innings per game, and his consistency in not skipping the starting rotation.

Furado played 30 games last season, posting 11 wins, eight losses and a 2.65 ERA. He has consistently started 20 quality starts (less than three earned runs in six innings as a starter). He ranked fourth in ERA and sixth with 147 strikeouts.

More than anything, he has never pitched before the fifth inning. He was responsible for at least five innings. He pitched 183.2 innings, ranking third among the most innings in the league, following Doosan Bears’ Raul Alcantara (192 innings) and Samsung Lions’ David Buchanan (188 innings). He pitched more innings than Eric Peddy (180.1 innings), who won 20 wins, 209 strikeouts, was the MVP of the league, and even received the Golden Glove Award. Experts say that with the support of the batters, he could have garnered more wins.헤라카지노

Kiwoom completed the formation of foreign players after signing a contract with Furado. Ronnie Dawson, who was with him as a substitute foreign hitter this season, will join him next season and bring in Enmanuel de Heissus from Venezuela as a new foreign player.

Kiwoom was in last place last season. Lee Jung-hoo, Ahn Woo-jin, and Tuta center left due to injury, and Choi Won-tae, a native ace, also moved to the LG Twins, effectively playing in the second half of the season. Jung Chan-heon also fell out due to a back injury. Eric Jokissi also left due to injury, and Ian McKinney showed no presence.

The 2024 season is not all that bright. As Lee Jung-hoo leaves for the San Francisco Giants, there is a gap in the batting lineup, but there is also a gap in the mound. Ahn Woo-jin left the team to fulfill his duty of national defense. He can skip the 2024 season and come in the second half of the 2025 season. Jeong Chan-heon also had off-season back surgery. Although there is Jang Jae-young who is 900 million-pal, it is still too much to trust and leave one season to him. New foreign player Jesus also has to adapt.

Of course, there are many potential pitchers. Jang Jae-young, Kim Sun-ki and Lee Myung-jong, who had high expectations last season, can be selected. Also, Jeon Joon-pyo and Kim Yoon-ha, who were selected in the first round of the 2024 rookie draft, are good candidates in the long run.

Still, in the end, the only pitcher that can be trusted is Hurrah for now. Doing his part is the best scenario that Kiwoom wants. As he has done this season, he has consistently played more than five innings and is looking forward to his ace in innings.

Will Furado be able to show the dignity of the ace and show last-place rebellion.

Immediately after signing the contract, Furado said through his club, “It is an honor to play for Kiwoom next season as well. I am happy to be with good teammates again. I will make more efforts to contribute to the team’s better performance next season.”

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