Grades are low… Taxes are a bomb

The least substantial team in MLB this year was the New York Mets. The Mets ranked fourth (82-80) among the five teams in the American League East. They failed to appear in the fall baseball league. However, they spent 374.7 million U.S. dollars in total salary. They ranked first among the 30 MLB teams. MLB also pays an additional fee called “luxury tax” to teams that pay more than a certain amount of annual salary. Its official name is “Competitive Balance Tax.” The measure is intended to prevent teams from buying quality players en masse. The measure is intended to balance power among teams by preventing players from buying them lavishly. The money is used by the MLB Secretariat to benefit players or to operate the league.월카지노

Based on the imposition of luxury tax for the 2023 season, the team’s annual salary cap is 233 million U.S. dollars. As the tax has exceeded the mark for two consecutive years, the team is set to pay 1078 million dollars this year alone due to heavier penalties. The amount of luxury tax on the Mets is more than double the previous record high of 43.6 million dollars in 2015. The combined amount of luxury tax on the Mets is close to 190.2 million dollars for all seven other teams subject to luxury tax this year. MLB introduced luxury tax in 2003. Since then, the New York Yankees have frequently paid 390 million dollars for luxury tax since then. Next is LA Dodgers’ 234 million dollars.

The Dodgers is paying attention to luxury tax. The Dodgers has paid luxury tax for three consecutive years so far this year, and it is certain that it will be subject to the tax next year as well. Next year, the standard will rise to 237 million dollars. Moreover, the Dodgers is estimated to increase its annual salary to 285 million dollars this winter, as it has recruited superstars such as Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto. It is still ranked third after the Mets (298 million dollars) and the Yankees (290 million dollars), but some predict that it will surpass 300 million dollars due to reports that it will seek to reinforce its big-name finisher. The team itself is close to the highest salary ever (298 million dollars, 2015). If this is the case, chances are high that the Dodgers will rank No. 1 in luxury tax next year.

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