“SON alternative is an old disciple after all?” Tottenham considers recruiting FW from Celtic… “Supplement Son Heung-min’s absence.”

Tottenham and Enze Postecoglou are considering an alternative to Son Heung-min. The most likely candidate is Postecoglou’s former student.

Tottenham is going through an upward trend and a crisis this season. Despite its poor performance, it has not collapsed, and it is currently ranked fourth in the league with Postecoglou’s tactics and team skills.

It is encouraging that Tottenham, which is seeking to return to the European Champions League, ranked fourth at the end of the first half, but in order to maintain the current ranking or raise it further, performance in the winter transfer market, which can determine the remaining season’s performance, is key.

It is known that center back and center midfielder are the preferred positions. It is necessary to reinforce the midfield considering the possibility of transferring Pierre-Emile Hoivier and three option center backs to Mickey Pantherpen and Christian Romero, who are likely to be injured and sent off.

However, the strikers also need to be recruited. Son Heung-min will leave the team soon. Son Heung-min will join the Korean national team for the Asian Cup schedule from January. If he reaches the Asian Cup final, he will not be able to play until February 10. The replacement for Son Heung-min, chosen by Postecoglou, is an old student who he coached.랭크카지노

England’s ‘Express’ reported on the 25th (Korean time), ‘Postecoglou is likely to receive support after an impressive start at Tottenham.’

“Son Heung-min has scored twice as many goals as the second-highest scorer in his team, as he has scored 11 goals in this season’s Premier League. If he leaves Korea for the Asian Cup, he will suffer huge losses. Postecoglou wants a versatile striker to make up for his absence. Jota, who played for Celtic, is related to the recruitment,” he said, explaining that Jota, who was Postecoglou’s student during his time at Celtic, is on the rise.

Jota is a striker that Postecoglou signed for Celtic just before in 2021. He played 85 games for Celtic and scored 28 goals, making him one of the pillars of Celtic’s attack.

Ahead of this season, Postecoglou left for Tottenham and Jota also headed to Saudi Arabia. Jota joined the club under the courtship of Al Itihad. Immediately after the transfer, Jota had difficulty adapting and the possibility of returning to Europe emerged, and recently, there has been talk of another return to Europe by increasing his playing time at Al Itihad.

He failed to stand out in the frontier. He mostly played in right and left winger positions. If Hishal Song remains sluggish after Son Heung-min is out, it is hard to say that the helm can be a solid alternative. However, as Son has recently returned to the left wing, chances are high that he will be able to fill in for about a month instead of Son in the winger position.

Tottenham, which is considering a solution to Son Heung-min’s vacancy, is expected to receive great attention throughout the winter transfer market whether it will definitely set its course as an old disciple of Postecoglou.

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