“Best defender of this generation”… Toronto reunites with ‘OAAAL center fielder’ Kiermaier for one year ‘13.6 billion’

Major League Baseball’s official website “MLB.com ” announced on the 27th (Korea time) that according to a source in Mark Feinsand, Kiermaier and Toronto have agreed to a one-year contract worth nearly 10 million dollars. Ben Nicholson Smith of Canadian media SportsNet said on social media that it is worth 10.5 million dollars (13.6 billion won).월카지노

Kiermaier entered the professional league after being drafted by the Tampa Bay Rays with the 941st overall pick in the 31st round of the 2010 draft. Playing briefly in one last game in 2013, Kiermaier has had consistent opportunities since 2014. However, he was put on the operating table in July 2022, and left a disappointing record of 47 hits, seven homers, 22 RBIs, 28 runs and a batting average of 0.228 OPS 0.650 in 63 games. Ultimately, Tampa Bay gave up its club option, and he became a free agent.

Having left Tampa Bay for 13 years, Kiermaier signed a short-term contract with Toronto ahead of the 2023 season. He signed a one-year, 9 million-dollar contract. He played in 129 games and recorded 98 hits, eight homers, 36 RBIs, 58 runs scored, and a batting average of 0.265 OPS 0.741. Then, he signed a short-term contract with Toronto once again.

Kiermaier’s strength is defense. “As a defender, Kiermaier talks about defense with the same passion that great hitters talk about swing. He averaged 13 OAA (out-of-average contribution) this season, the highest among American League center fielders. Only National League Gold Glove winner Brent Doyle (Colorado Rockies, 15) has ever been higher than Kiermaier,” MLB.com said.

“What makes Kiermaier special is his first step. The jump of an outfielder is defined as the first three seconds after hitting, and Kiermaier goes 3.3 feet (1 meter) longer than average,” he said. “It’s the best in the Major League and led Kiermaier to a conversation about the best defender of this generation.”

He has succeeded in catching Kiermaier, who has excellent defense. What’s left is to find offense. “Toronto needs to find better offense in the next few months. If you aggressively target the trade market, you have time,” MLB.com said. “We still have Toronto’s fourth outfielder position left. Toronto can recruit other players through FA or trade, but it also has internal options. Nathan Lukes, Davis Schneider, Cavan Biggio, and several other members of the infield Debs can play in the outfield section. Allen Roden, Toronto’s seventh-ranked prospect, is also available.”

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