“Legendary” Kim Young-kwang said goodbye to Seongnam, who was with 500G-600G in his career… “I have no regrets, but I’m sorry to the fans.”

Kim Young-kwang sent a farewell message to Seongnam on his SNS account on Wednesday. “I am truly grateful. I am leaving due to unavoidable circumstances, but I have no regrets about anything else because I did my best with all my heart every single game. However, I am deeply sorry to the fans. I will cherish the memory in Seongnam.”랭크카지노

Kim Young-kwang, who made his professional debut with the Jeonnam Dragons in 2002 after playing at Gwangyang Steel High School and Hallyeo University, was constantly selected as the national team by age and attracted attention as the “second Kim Byung-ji.” He played in 78 games in Jeonnam and transferred to Ulsan Hyundai in 2007. Afterwards, he joined Seongnam in the 2020 season after passing through Gyeongnam FC and Seoul E-Land. He was a veteran when he joined Seongnam, but took charge of the goal by playing as the main goalkeeper.

Kim Young-kwang, who played in 500 K-League games as a member of Seongnam, set an example for younger players through extraordinary self-management. He defended his position as Seongnam’s main goalkeeper with his ability, not his career. He was renowned both inside and outside the soccer community as an exemplary professional player with excellent fan service and communication skills. He struggled in the 2022 season when Seongnam was demoted, but failed to prevent his team from being demoted.

Kim Young-kwang, who remained in Seongnam after being demoted, established a competitive system with Choi Pil-soo and played 17 league games. He also achieved a total of 600 K-League games in the 33rd round of the “Hana One Q K-League 2 2023” match against Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province.

At the time, Kim Young-kwang said in an interview with Mix Zone, “I wanted to win 600 games without thinking about it. Team performance is more important than individual record. A player must have a team he wants. He can keep playing when he needs it. If he doesn’t need it, the value drops and offers don’t come. In that case, you have to boldly let go. I am always doing my best while competing with my juniors.”

The 600-game ceremony was held in the next round of the match against Asan in South Chungcheong Province, and many teammates congratulated him. “If I were an older brother, I would be able to play 800 games,” Lee Keun-ho said. “I said, ‘That’s not what I want to do,’ and Kim Young-kwang said, ‘If you’re an older brother, you’ll do it.’ He’s a player I’ve seen since I was young. He knows how I try. As for participation in 800 games, I’m going to do my best.”

Kim Young-kwang, who continued his professional career even at the age of 40, left Seongnam and became a free agent. As Kim Young-kwang said, “You need a team of your choice to extend your mandatory military service. Considering Kim’s physical condition and self-management, you are still considered to be competitive. Considering his age, he could retire. Kim Young-kwang is at a crossroads of choice.

Seongnam, including Kim Young-kwang, said goodbye to veteran players including Kwon Soon-hyung. Rumors have it that Kwon Soon-hyung, a veteran midfielder who represents the K-League, will retire after leaving Seongnam and work for the Korea Professional Footballers Association. “It is true that Kwon Soon-hyung is working with us, but he has not officially announced that he is retiring. I understand that the player is agonizing over it,” said an official from the Korea Professional Footballers Association.

Seongnam, which said goodbye to veterans, plans to boldly open its wallet to promote itself to the next season. With Chris and Gabriel remaining, Kim Hae-woon, head of the team’s power reinforcement division, is looking for new foreign players. He is also keen to recruit Korean players. The main targets are strikers, center backs, and goalkeepers. Seongnam is trying to make up for disappointing performances in the last 2023 season by making all-out efforts to advance to the team’s promotion.

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