Samsung Sports in Crisis → ‘Lions’ Running Again’…Clear ‘Will’ + Clear ‘ Direction’

Samsung Sports is in Crisis. I’ve always said first place, but not anymore.

Suwon Samsung in the K-League had to accept the shocking result of being demoted for the first time since its foundation. The KBL Seoul Samsung is poised to rank the bottom for the third consecutive year. The last spring season for Samsung to play basketball was the 2016-2017 season. KOVO Men’s Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance has been gaining strength by ranking second this season, but has been at the bottom of the list in recent years. The Lions played in the postseason only once from 2016 to 2022. It is truly a “dark period.”헤라카지노

Instead, it is not the end. In particular, the Lions are playing again. I see their willingness to change. It is nice to see that they are setting their goals clearly. The Lions’ off-season theme is “Bulpen.” It is no exaggeration to say that they are recruiting breathlessly. When the free agent (FA) market opened, they moved quickly. Kim Jae-yoon, considered the biggest fish in the bullpen, was caught for a total of 5.8 billion won for four years. The guarantee amount alone amounts to 4.8 billion won.

He has 32 saves this year, and has made 32 saves-33 saves over the past three years. This concludes the debate over whether he is the best in active pro baseball. If Oh renews his contract, Samsung will be able to build the strongest back door in the league.

The second draft picks Choi Sung-hoon and sidearm Yang Hyun. He also looked around. He picked right-handed pitcher Lee Min-ho after testing. He pitched well as starting pitcher and bullpen pitcher at the NC Dinosaurs. He is not old enough. His annual salary is 45 million won (approx.

Through various routes, the team recruited four bullpen pitchers alone. This means that the team has clearly set an off-season concept. It was also the part that was most needed.

He is the lowest ranking team with a 5.16 ERA in the bullpen in the 2023 season. He is the only team in the 5-point range. He also had the disgrace of being the No. 1 player with 38 losses in come-from-behind losses. He had to reinforce his team.

It’s not that he hasn’t spent money. Especially in the FA market, he spent a lot of money when he needed a player. He also gave Koo Ja-wook a non-FA extension contract. It was only relatively less effective.

Instead, except for the FA, the overall strength was less active. The same goes for fostering. There were fewer young players who grew into the core compared to other teams. Especially, the mound was like that. That’s why Lee Jong-yeol, the new general manager, played a big role this winter.

A lot has changed since the change of team leader. Samsung Electronics, which had always insisted on internal promotion, brought in high-ranking officials from outside, which is shocking. He is also the first team leader who was a professional player in the team’s history. “It’s a work style that I’ve never experienced before,” a team source said.

“I’m thinking about how to make Samsung stronger every day,” Lee said. “I’m putting it into action. I’ve set my direction, and I’m gathering players through different routes. The player who released the ball has parted ways with the past, which he didn’t even look at.

The late chairman Lee Kun-hee gathered Samsung Group executives from all over the world 30 years ago and said, “Change everything except your wife and children.” Sports organizations must also break the bad news.

The same goes for the Lions. For now, they show their willingness to “change.” I can’t say the victory in 2024 right away, but I’m laying the groundwork to go up.

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