“Elbow condition is good.” Darvish, who has already thrown 151 kilometers, will face Ohtani-Yamamoto in the “Seoul Series”

Veteran pitcher Darvish Yu (37, San Diego Padres), who recorded 196 wins in the U.S. and Japan, expressed confidence in taking the mound in the opening game of the 2024 season.월카지노

According to the Japanese media “Full Count,” Darvish had time to communicate with fans through the Japanese voice delivery platform “stand.fm ” on the 29th (Korean time).

Darvish, who ended the season early with a right elbow injury, expressed confidence when asked about his current physical condition, saying, “For now, I think (the competition) will be okay from the opening game.”

Darvish said, “I’m in good condition. I’m pitching in the bullpen right now, but I’ve already been able to handle a lot of pitches. Sometimes, I can make some noise, but I’m doing well without any problems. Not long ago, I even threw at 94 miles per hour (about 151.3 kilometers).”

Darvish, who showed success in rejuvenation with 16 wins, eight losses and an earned run average of 3.10 in 30 games last year, signed a six-year, 108 million-dollar extension contract with San Diego ahead of the opening of this season. However, Darvish’s performance fell short of expectations with eight wins, 10 losses and an earned run average of 4.56 in 24 games.

To make matters worse, he even held back his elbow injury. After losing five points in four innings against the Milwaukee Brewers on Aug. 26, he was placed on the IL due to elbow pain, and the examination revealed that he has a bone spasm in his right elbow. “It’s my job to play. I throw balls and get paid when I go to games. It’s rude if you don’t aim for it,” Darvish said, expressing a sense of responsibility, and taking cortisone injections raised hopes for his return.

Despite his strong willingness to return, Darvish ended his season early. After experiencing pain in his elbow again during the catch process, Darvish consulted with his team to decide on the end of the season. According to the Major League’s official website MLB.com , after a six-week break, Darvish was informed by doctors that he did not need surgery and could pitch normally at next year’s spring camp.

Darvish expressed his thoughts on the cause of his injury through “stand.fm .” “I didn’t throw it properly last year. Even watching the video, I could tell that I was not feeling well and was tired. The problem is that I kept running even after throwing nearly 200 innings in 2022.”

Darvish pitched 194 ⅔, the second largest number since he moved to the Major League (with 209 ⅔ as an individual in 2013). Darvish, who played many innings in his late 30s, built up his body early to participate in the World Baseball Classic held in March this year. “I didn’t want to make it natural for a major leaguer to join the national team’s training late,” he said, fueling his enthusiasm by being the only Japanese big leaguer to join the WBC team’s training early. As a result, the Japanese team won the title of the WBC, but Darvish was sluggish with an ERA of 6.00 by allowing five runs in six innings in all three games including the match against Korea (three runs in three innings).

Darvish, who had a difficult season, has been getting enough rest and continuing his preparations for the 2024 season smoothly. If Darvish returns to his normal condition, an interesting showdown can be made in the opening game of the upcoming 2024 season.

Darvish’s San Diego Padres will play the opening game of the regular season in Seoul against the Los Angeles Dodgers through the MLB World Tour Seoul Series 2024 in March next year. The Dodgers successfully caught both Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto, who are considered the biggest fish in the stove league. Ohtani, who is recovering from elbow surgery, cannot take the mound as a pitcher, but he is expected to play in the opening game without any problems as a batter.

Yamamoto, who signed a 12-year, $325 million (about 420.9 billion won), the largest ever pitcher, is expected to be selected as the Dodgers’ first or second starting pitcher, which could lead to a showdown with Darvish. In addition, San Diego has Korean major leaguer Kim Ha-sung and Japan’s best closer Yuki Matsui, in addition to Darvish, drawing keen attention from baseball fans in both Korea and Japan to the “Seoul Series.”

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