It would be perfect if Ryu Hyun-jin came to Hanwha and taught me… Insurance → renewal, second-year Sanchez homework a lot

Ricardo Sanchez, a 26-year-old foreign left-hander of the Hanwha Eagles, made a soft landing quickly after his debut in the KBO League in May. He pitched well with five wins and an earned run average of 1.48 in the first nine games (48 ⅔s) through July 1. As a left-hander, he displayed robust performance with fast tempo and aggressive pitching targeting the body of left-handed hitters with up to 153 kilometers of fastballs.헤라카지노

Since then, however, he has been sluggish in 15 games (77 ⅓ innings), with two wins, eight losses and an earned run average of 5.24. Due to exposure to several habits in pitching movements, he was targeted by batters with a monotonous pitching pattern centered on fastballs and sliders even after undergoing revision work. The third pitch was not suitable, and the lack of a finishing pitch made him more vulnerable to right-handed hitters.

Hanwha has stable ball control with 150 kilometers left-handed fastballs, but has failed to renew its contract with Sanchez. Hanwha put Sanchez on the list of players withheld for insurance, and sought a first-line issuance pitcher, but market conditions were not as favorable as ever. Hanwha, which was greatly burned by Birch Smith this year, had a narrower scope of candidates itself as it excluded players who were at risk of injury from the list of players it recruited. Players who contacted him either chose to stay in the U.S. or the Japanese team joined the team, which pushed up its price tag.

Hanwha, which renewed its contract with Felix Peña for up to $1.05 million (down payment of $200,000, annual salary of $650,000 and incentive of $200,000) on the 9th, saw the market situation a little more, but it did not take long. It renewed its contract with Sanchez for up to $750,000 (down payment of $100,000, annual salary of $500,000, incentive of $150,000) on the 26th.

There was a reason why the team could not afford to drag its feet any longer. Hanwha will leave its first spring camp in Melbourne, Australia on January 30 next year. The team is scheduled to train for three weeks until February 19. In Australia, visa issuance for Latin American nationals is difficult and it takes about a month. Sanchez is from Venezuela.

It was a way to keep waiting until January and find a new pitcher, but in order for Sanchez to join the top of the camp, the decision had to be made within this year. It would be okay for a player who has been proven to come late, but for Sanchez, who has to correct, refine and prepare from spring camp, joining the top of the camp was essential.

The situation in the foreign pitcher market showed no signs of improvement, and Hanwha could no longer delay its decision. Sanchez may be a player who has no room for improvement, but he has one year of experience in the league, and he has a chance to grow at the young age of 26. If Hanwha gives up Sanchez, it is a good pitcher to have enough players to keep an eye on him as a substitute. His overall season performance was not bad, either, with seven wins, eight losses and an ERA of 3.79 in 24 games (126 innings).

Hanwha’s coaching staff also gave Sanchez, who is set to leave Korea after the end of this season, assignment for off-season assignments, keeping in mind the possibility of renewing his contract. He also urged players to fix arm height to one and practice changeups and other breaking balls as well as to manage his weight. He added weight in the second half of the year and saw some movements slow down in defense, but the fact that he successfully lost six kilograms until the time of renewal of his contract deserves high expectations.

The most important thing is to create a breaking ball that can be used against right-handed hitters. During the season, Hanwha officials often said that it would be great if there is a changeup. If there is a changeup that comes out at the same arm height, it has the potential to rise to the top of the list. However, since it is not as easy as it sounds to make a breaking ball, coach Choi Won-ho and pitching coach Park Seung-min will devote their efforts in technical matters from the camp.

That’s why Hanwha has high expectations for something, which is the return of Major Leaguer Ryu Hyun-jin. It is not an exaggeration to say that Ryu Hyun-jin is a changeup, which is the best pitching type that is recognized even in the Major League. When Ryu comes to the Hanwha Eagles, he can learn from Sanchez, the same left-hander, right next to him, which can help him install a changeup. It is another effect that the Hanwha Eagles have high expectations for.

Meanwhile, Sanchez said after renewing his contract, “I’m happy to continue my relationship with the Hanwha Eagles. I’m so excited to meet Eagles fans in Daejeon again,” adding, “I’m the one who showed up this season.”

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