“Kind Cho Seung-haeng can compete with Kim In-tae in an interesting way.” Bears’ track and field team will revive? Expect synergy with stealer king Jung Soo-bin

The 2024 season of KBO League is full of change. Following the introduction of the world’s first automatic strike-ball determination system, restrictions on check balls, expansion of base size, and pitch clocks will be applied at once. The importance of on-base and running baseball is expected to increase.

The Doosan Bears can also dream of reviving the sport of baseball in the mid-2000s. For one thing, Jung Soo-bin, an idol band member in Jamsil, successfully rebounded by winning the title of stolen base for the first time since his debut. Jung played in 137 games in the 2023 season and recorded a batting average of 0.287/143 hits/ 33 RBIs/ 39 steals/ a slugging percentage of 0.371. It was an unchanging leadoff in the first season of manager Lee Seung-yeop’s inauguration.헤라카지노

If new foreign hitter Henry Ramos takes charge of “strong No. 2,” Jung Soo-bin and Ramos can play a powerful table-setter role. After that, the big FA trio, which leads to Yang Seok-hwan, Kim Jae-hwan, and Yang Eui-ji, will play the role of troubleshooter. Assuming Henry Ramos’ consistent performance, it is at the level of the top batting line, which is not lagging behind other clubs.

In addition, the color of the team’s batting lineup can vary depending on the designated hitter’s face. First of all, Henry Ramos’ defensive position is left field or right field. If Kim Jae-hwan enters the designated hitter position, one of the outfielders in Korea is expected to be given a chance to take the lead.

“Basically, Jung Soo-bin will be positioned as center fielder, and Henry Ramos will have to decide whether to play in left field or right field. I think it will depend on Kim Jae-hwan’s condition. If Kim Jae-hwan enters the defense, Ramos will naturally go to right field. However, if Kim Jae-hwan needs to go to the designated hitter position, Ramos will be able to stand in left field depending on the combination with the domestic outfielder,” he explained.

If there is a competition to become a starting fielder in Korea in the outfield, Lee expects that Cho will make the leap to become a starting pitcher. This is because the importance of running baseball is increasing due to expansion of base size, pitch clock, and restriction of check ball in the 2024 season. One of Lee’s plans is for Cho, who boasts the best base capability, to become a starting pitcher in right field along with outfield defense.

“Cho is a fast-paced hitter who is extremely picky with the opposing team. Even if his batting average is over .25 million, he can cover up defense and baserunning well, which makes him a key player,” Lee said. “I think he will also be able to have an interesting competition with Kim In-tae.”

In the 2023 season, Cho had a batting average of 0.219, 48 hits, one homer, 17 RBIs, 26 steals, and a on-base percentage of 0.298. Lee hopes that Cho will raise his batting average further. During the closing camp last fall, Lee also offered guidance on Cho’s batting average.

Along with Cho, Kim In-tae should also have a chance to jump to the starting lineup for the 2024 season. Kim In-tae returned to the team at the last minute of the season after suffering a long rehabilitation period due to a shoulder injury while running on base in the 2023 season. Kim In-tae played in 47 games in the 2023 season with a batting average of 0.255 with a single homer and 14 RBIs. It is highly likely that Lee will put Cho and Kim in the competition among outfielders.

Apart from Cho Ha-haeng and Kim In-tae, there are certainly candidates who will participate in the Doosan outfield competition. Along with Kim Dae-han, who was the “unfinished 1st nominee,” Hong Seong-ho, Yang Chan-yeol and Kim Tae-geun, who showed promise last year, are expected to compete in the internal competition. Attention is focusing on who will be the face to show synergy effect by taking a spot in the Doosan outfield with “Running King” Jung Soo-bin.

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