“Kang Jung-ho School is delicate, gives me trust…” KBO 621G Journeyman raves, ‘Absolutely recommended’ outside baseball during inactivity

Choi Ik-sung (52), the representative of the Journeyman Training Academy, who played in 621 games in the KBO League, praised Kang Jung-ho (37), who works as a personal coach in LA, the U.S., through the Bashe Ball of the YouTube channel Sports Corporation on the 2nd. It was desirable for KBO leaguers to hire personal coaches to train during inactivity.헤라카지노

Son Ah-seop (36, NC Dinos) was definitely rewarded with the batting champion and the most hits player for adjusting the swing trajectory and launch angle at Kang Jung-ho Baseball Academy in January of the 2023 season. Son will join Kang Jung-ho School once again in mid-January.

With word of mouth spreading through Son Ah-seop, Kim Jae-hwan (36, Doosan Bears), Park Se-hyuk (34, NC Dinos), Han Dong-hee (24, Lotte Giants), and Jung Hoon (37, Lotte Giants) have already visited or plan to visit Kang this winter. Kang said, “I can’t guarantee the success of all hitters, but at least I can clearly set the direction of the batter and explain why.” This is how much I studied about batting theory after retirement.

Choi Ik-seong praised Kang first. “You did a good job in marketing. If you are a C-level player, you may have to change the big one, but you only need to find one for A-level players. Kang is good at such details. I am not changing the big one, but that is very important. I think you are good at pointing it out.”

“Please tell me something that I can understand in detail. At first glance, he talks a lot on YouTube. He unravels his know-how. Then it’s easier for players to accept. It’s about having confidence and giving trust. Players can regain confidence and come back. U.S. coaches usually give positive feedback to players. I think players who returned after visiting Kang will grow both in skills and mental strength.”

Choi Ik-seong gave a positive interpretation on the fact that the method of realizing learning beyond simply conducting individual training during non-active periods, not necessarily at Kang Jung-ho School, has been embodied. “The U.S. is already taking root. Aaron Judge (32, New York Yankees) and Mike Trout (33, Los Angeles Angels) also hire coaches for off-season training sessions. Athletes should invest when they get paid. They have now opened up what they were secretly doing. They have more options.”

KBO league leaders’ coaching has also changed from the past. Even though they provide a lot of technical guidance during the closing and spring camps, they thoroughly focus on conditioning during the season. In other words, CEO Choi Se-seong says that hiring a private coach during an inactive period such as Kang is desirable to make up for the shortcomings.

“Coaches in a team have limitations. They manage more than coaches in a team. There are 30 batters, but it is difficult to coach intensively because all of them are in the team. And good leaders are outside these days. You have to make good use of those people. You just have to find the right person for you,” he said.

Kang Jung-ho School also played a part in its geographical characteristics as LA. It is winter but relatively warm. For Son Ah-seop and Park Se-hyuk, they can move to Tucson, Arizona immediately after attending Kang Jung-ho School. “Players will go to Saipan or Guam in January anyway. The weather and athletic environment are nice in LA. If you build your body and receive advice, you will have a broader perspective on baseball. It has many effects,” Choi said.

Meanwhile, CEO Choi Ik-seong also made a “surprise announcement” on the broadcast. A KBO League batter visited him and asked for batting advice. He smiled and said, “Choi Ik-seong School is coming out soon. When I was an active player, I was criticized a lot for upper swing, but now upper swing is the trend. I will tell you what real upper swing is.”

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