Lee Jae-sung, ‘the national team seeking to conquer the summit,’ said, “I will achieve my final goal, the championship.”

The Korea Football Association (KFA) hosted the KFA Awards on Tuesday and held an Asian Cup kickoff ceremony, which is just three days away. Lee Jae-sung had an interview as the representative of the Korean national team.

Lee Jae-sung said through KFA on the same day, “I haven’t lifted the Asian Cup for 64 years, but I think this tournament is a chance to win. That’s what motivates me, and I’ll win Qatar without being complacent and achieve my final goal, the championship.”랭크카지노

Asked if a lot of support is a burden, he explained, “It’s not burdensome. I think I have more expectations than burdens because I’ve experienced the last World Cup how much support is a big help and motivation for the players.”

On the atmosphere of the team, he said, “I love the atmosphere of the team. Other than me, there is definitely work to be done in our respective positions, such as players who cannot play even if they want to, and players who are striving for opportunities. The players are aware of that.”

As for Japan, a strong competitor, he said, “I think Japan is strong as a team and we should be wary of all players. I know Doan Ritz well, especially because he played in the Bundesliga. I think I can convey that.”

Lastly, Lee Jae-sung added, “I know that the final match is Lunar New Year. I think it will be a big event. I will try to make a big event. If we make an event, we will try to give the big gift to our fans.”

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