Will the two geniuses of Gwangju finally unite… Will KIA’s new dynamic duo fly without pain

During the 2022 Rookie Draft, Kia invested its top picks in the infield, showing the direction and agony of the team’s nomination. This is symbolized by the fact that it chose infielder Kim Do-young (21) over pitcher Moon Dong-ju (Hanwha), who can throw fastballs of 150 kilometers per hour or more in the first round of nominations based on regional ties. It is not that the team underestimated Moon’s performance, but that it is time to fill the infield.

He did not stop there. In the second round, he nominated Gwangju Jeil High School infielder Yoon Do-hyun. Back then, many critics said that he embraced all of the most outstanding infielders representing Gwangju and Jeonnam regions. Kim Do-young graduated from Daesung Elementary School, Dongsung Middle School and Dongsung High School. Yoon graduated from Hwajeong Elementary School, Mudeung Middle School and Gwangju Jeil High School. The two talents often compared to each other over the dugout from a young age met at his hometown team KIA. It was enough to arouse expectations from fans.마카오카지노

Kim Do-young has been a national star since high school. He was evaluated as having outstanding athletic abilities that his peers could not imitate. He is evenly equipped with huge talents necessary for success in attack, base, and defense. He even has the modifier “the second Lee Jong-beom.” It is not a modifier that can be attached to anyone, but Kim Do-young joined the team amid favorable reviews that he was born with such qualities. I was able to read the expectations of the officials and fans.

Yoon Do-hyun was also a formidable player. In fact, scouts in professional baseball teams recalled that up until middle school, he was evaluated as having double walls with Kim Do-young. “I heard that he was good at baseball when he was in middle school. I heard that he has double walls with (Kim) Do-young. That’s why I had high expectations for him.” Fans would one day imagine Kim Do-young and Yoon Do-hyun leading the team while keeping the infield.

Coincidentally, they couldn’t avoid the word “injury” after joining the professional league. Kim Do-young, who first stood out, gained high expectations as the fastest-growing fielder last year after gaining experience in the professional league in 2022. However, he injured his foot while stepping on the third base in the season-opening series, and missed the game for a long time. After returning to the injury, he displayed good performance and raised expectations again, but he injured his finger again during the headfirst sliding at the first base during the APBC game after the season, causing a sigh.

Kim Do-young gained experience by playing 187 games in the first division over the past two years, but Yoon Do-hyun managed to make his first team debut last year due to continuous injuries since joining the team. He received a lot of attention until the exhibition game in 2022, but he actually ruined a season due to a broken mid-body bone, and suffered a hamstring injury last year. Even during the Okinawa closing camp, he missed one more opportunity because he could not clearly shake off the aftermath of his injury.

He was in pain enough. Now is the time to shake off the evil spirit of injury and show their potential. Kim Do-young is reportedly recovering smoothly, and Yoon Do-hyun is also in good physical condition to jump into the competition stage. It is not unreasonable to expect healthy performances of the two players in 2024.

Kim Do-young is already the main player of his team. Chances are high that he will spend 2024 as the main third baseman. He showed off his potential to achieve great success by posting a batting average of 0.303, seven homers, 47 RBIs and 25 stolen bases in 84 games last year. He has gained confidence that his ability to hit long distances and run fast will enable him to make contact in the first team as well. Without injuries, he is expected to see further growth this year.

Yoon Do-hyun is highly anticipated by Kia’s coaching staff. He is expected to join the race for backup infielders. He will have to check his physical condition, but he is certain that the experiment will be rough enough. “I thought that even if the defense doesn’t show good posture, it will get better if I keep doing it,” manager Kim said without hiding his expectations. “However, I was a little disappointed by the injury issue, but if I shake off the injury, I think that I will have a high chance to play in the first division next year.”

KIA’s batting coach Lee Bum-ho also said, “I think Kim Do-young’s batting can improve further in 2024. And I bet that Yoon Do-hyun is also as talented as Kim Do-young in offense. I think it was already beyond my expectations. No matter how good your body speed is, it is quite difficult to continue playing in the game and maintain it,” Lee said. “I have become a player who is good enough to manage even if I play every day.”

Regarding Yoon Do-hyun, he expressed his interest, saying, “I saw his talent when we were both in the spring camp, and I think that he has the capacity to hit the ball well. He highly values his talent for batting. They will have their own know-how in taking care of their bodies after suffering from injury for two years,” adding, “They are quite good at timing. There are players who have to foul several times to get into the ground, and there are players who succeed only once or twice, and Yoon is capable of this.” Attention is focusing on whether the two players will be able to play together in 2024 without any injury.

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