Brazil’s faltering soccer, poor performance, chairman problems, failure to recruit Ancelotti, and eventually, acting coach Dinis is ‘hard’

The Associated Press and other foreign media reported on Monday (Korea time) that the Brazilian Soccer Association replaced Fernandou DiNis. Brazil is in a crisis recently. Brazil is currently in sixth place as it suffered a slump in the South American qualifying round for the 2026 North-Central American World Cup. Initially, Brazil was eager to appoint Carlo Ancelotti. Brazil broke up with Cicci, who failed to win the title at the Qatar World Cup, and sought a new coach. Foreign players are on the rise. The last to be picked was Ancelotti. Ancelotti is one of the greatest players of his time, taking charge of leading European teams one after another and winning several titles. However, Ancelotti recently extended his contract with Real Madrid and decided to join the Brazilian national team.마카오카지노

Brazil is on fire. To make matters worse, Brazilian President Ednaldo Rodriguez was investigated for having been caught cheating in the election for the president of the Brazilian Football Association. A court in Rio de Janeiro recently dismissed Rodriguez from his duties. He also added that elections to select a new president should be held within 30 days.

However, FIFA raised issue with the ruling, which prohibits the government and third-party interference with its member associations. FIFA has claimed that the committee, which is jointly formed with the CONMEBOL, should not elect a new chairman until it investigates election fraud on its own. It has also reportedly sent a warning letter to the CBF that if the election is carried out in accordance with the court ruling, it could be suspended. If the CBF is suspended, the Brazilian national team will not be allowed to participate in international competitions such as the World Cup and Copa America.

Rodriguez has been reinstated and touched upon the coach’s issue in the first decision. Danis had a one-year contract and was scheduled to lead the team temporarily until the appointment of Ancelotti. However, he suffered a setback due to his lackluster report card with two wins, one draw and three losses in the Latin American qualifiers for the World Cup in North and Central America. Instead, Doribal Zunior, the head coach of Sao Paulo FC, came to mind. “The Brazilian Football Association President Rodriguez personally notified Dinis of his dismissal,” the Associated Press said. “In the first place, Dinis’ term of office was until Ancelotti was appointed as the national team coach. However, as Ancelotti’s recruitment failed, he needed a coach to lead the national team through the 2026 World Cup, so he replaced him.”

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