Even Kevin De Bruyne? “Saudi Arabia’s top target this summer.”

“According to sources, Manchester City superstar The Browner is also the top target for Saudi Arabian professional league clubs in this summer. He was linked with Saudi Arabia last summer,” said Football Insider.

“There were predictions from sources that nothing would happen regarding The Bruyne’s future, but some Saudi teams are planning to recruit The Bruyne. If it is proved that he has overcome the injury problem in the second half of the season, he will be the top target,” he added.마카오카지노

The Bruyne is a living legend representing Manchester City. After being hired from Wolfsburg, he has been playing as a key player for a long time. Last season, he won the league, the FA Cup of England, and the UEFA Champions League to complete his dream treble.

Saudi Arabia has been mentioned since the end of the season. “Al-Nasr plans to meet with The Bruyne agent for a meeting. Al-Nasr plans to explain the long-term project in detail to The Bruyne, whose contract with Manchester City will expire next year,” said transfer market expert Rudy Galetti. “According to sources, Saudi officials are confident in recruiting The Bruyne. He is currently paid 400,000 pounds a week, but if he moves to Saudi Arabia, he will be able to sign a much better contract,” O’Rourke said.

He also pointed out Fabrizio Romano, who is famous for his signature phrase “Here we go.” Romano said The Bruyne received a Middle East love call, saying, “The Bruyne had received several Saudi love calls. But he hoped to stay at Manchester City.”

However, The Bruyne chose to stay at Manchester City. However, a tragic event happened. He collapsed due to a hamstring injury in his showdown with Burnley, the opening game of the 2023-24 Premier League (PL). As such, The Bruyne was out of power and tried hard to rehabilitate himself. He was included in the substitute list at the time of the 20th round match against Sheffield United, but failed to make his return match.

The Bruyne has been linked to Saudi Arabia again. The current contract with Manchester City is scheduled to expire in June 2025. Considering the oil money big deal, it is by no means impossible.

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