Japanese media guard said, “Korea with Son, Kim, Lee, and Hwang ahead, the highest level ever… It will be quite annoying to meet 亞 Cup final.”

A Japanese media outlet cited the South Korean national soccer team as the biggest rival of the Japanese national soccer team seeking to win the Asian Cup.랭크카지노주소

Japanese soccer magazine “The World” said in an online article on the 7th, “Korea is a dangerous opponent for Japan aiming to win the title,” adding, “If we face Korea in the final, it would be quite annoying. The number of foreign players (like Japan) is increasing in Korea right now, and it is the best level ever in terms of talent.”

In defense, Bayern Munich defender Kim Min-jae leads the final line, and Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Lee Kang-in is taking a big leap as a chancemaker. The strikers include Tottenham striker Son Heung-min, an ace, Hwang Hee-chan, who scored 10 Premier League goals this season at Wolverhampton, and Cho Kyu-sung, who appeared at the Qatar World Cup and scored eight goals while playing for Mitwilan, Denmark, introduced key players of Klinsmann-ho.

“In the midfield, we also have technical midfielders such as Hwang In-beom, who plays for Serbia’s Red Star Belgrade, and Hong Hyun-suk, who plays for Genk in Belgium,” he said. “Japan is not behind in talent centered on overseas players, but it is certain that Korea is not a comfortable opponent.” Saudi Arabia, Iran, Australia, and Qatar can also be considered as the winning rivals, but in terms of power, South Korea is the biggest rival.”

As the media introduced, if South Korea and Japan pass the group stage at the top, they will not face each other until the final. South Korea belongs to the same group as Malaysia, Jordan and Bahrain, while Japan is in the same group with Vietnam, Iraq and Indonesia. While there is an atmosphere in Korea that considers the national team the “best team of all time,” rival Japan is also wary of South Korea’s power with Son-Kim-Lee-Hwang at the forefront.

The Asian Cup, dubbed the “Asian World Cup,” will kick off on Saturday with 24 teams including Korea and Japan participating. Korea is seeking the championship for the first time in 64 years since 1960. The final match was scheduled on Feb. 10. Korea, which won 1-0 with Iraq with Lee Jae-sung’s finishing goal in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, on Saturday, will enter Qatar on Saturday as the land of promise. In the group league, they will face Bahrain (15), Jordan (20), and Malaysia (25).

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