“SD→CLE→CHC→KC→Il” ML 108 home runs revived… “Seven Club Love Call” final winner was Nippon Ham

Franmil Reyes, who has 108 home runs in the Major League, will wear the Nippon Ham Fighters uniform amid keen interest from Major League and Japanese professional baseball teams.

Hector Gomez of “Z101 Digital” in the Dominican Republic said on the 7th (Korea time) that Franmil Reyes has signed a contract with the Nippon-Ham Fighters of the Japanese professional baseball league. In addition, Japan’s multiple media quoted Gomez’s report and reported Reyes’ joining the Nippon-Ham altogether.

Reyes, who first took the big league stage with the San Diego Padres in 2018, will play for the Nippon-Ham Fighters in the Japanese professional baseball league after playing for the Cleveland Guardians, the Chicago Cubs and the Kansas City Royals. Japan’s “Sports Hoch” said that Nippon-Ham won the match after a scramble between the U.S. and Japan, including Major League Baseball teams.

Reyes, who entered the Major League ground for the first time in 2018, appeared like a comet in 87 games in his first season, recording 73 hits, 16 home runs, 31 RBIs, and a batting average of 0.280 OPS of 0.838. Reyes, who is 196 centimeters tall and weighs well over 100 kilograms, showed his “one shot” ability to send a ball out of the fence at any time from his first year since his debut.

Good performances continued. Reyes moved to Cleveland the following year while recording 27 home runs and an OPS of 0.850 in 99 games with San Diego, and after changing into his uniform, he marked 37 home runs in 150 games, including 10 home runs and an OPS of 0.772 in 51 games. And in 2020, when the COVID-19 shortened season was held, he recorded nine home runs and an OPS of 0.794 in 59 games, and in 2021, he played in 115 games, recording 106 hits, 30 home runs, 85 RBIs, 57 runs, and a batting average of 0.254 OPS of 0.846.

It was in the 2022 season that Reyes changed his uniform once again. Reyes played 70 games for Cleveland and suffered from a slump with nine home runs and a 0.213 OPS of 0.604, before moving to the Chicago Cubs through a trade. However, the rebound was not easy. Reyes continued his disappointment after playing in 48 games with five home runs and 19 RBIs with a 0.234 OPS of 0.690, and in 2022, he only recorded 97 hits in 118 games with 14 home runs and a 0.221 batting average.

Reyes moved to the Kansas City Royals in the 2023 season amid a slump, and suffered a slump with a batting average of 0.186 OPS 0.519 in 19 games, which ultimately left the bitter taste of his release. Since then, Reyes has played in 42 games with 42 hits, nine homers, and a batting average of 0.296 OPS 0.899 in the Winter League of the Dominican Republic, drawing keen attention from baseball teams including the Major League. As a result, he finally decided to join the Nippon-Ham.헤라카지노주소

“Reyes’ stock price has risen due to his performance in his home country to appeal for revival,” said “Nikan Sports.” In Korea, multiple clubs including the Softbank Hawks, the Yokohama DeNA BayStars, and the Cleveland and Minnesota Twins in the Major League also showed interest. “It was Nippon Ham, which is actively strengthening its power, that overpowered the U.S.-Japan battle,” he said. “Sports Hoch” explained that seven clubs have entered the race to recruit Reyes.

It was not the first time Reyes had been linked with a Japanese club. Reyes has received a lot of attention from Japan since he began to suffer a slump in the 2022 season. “In the Winter League of the Dominican Republic, he won two awards with nine homers and 34 RBIs. As a power heater, Reyes frequently played as a designated hitter in the winter league,” he said. “He is expected to be mentioned as a designated hitter, which was not fixed until last year.”

There were not many big league games this year, but there are high expectations for strengthening the offense as the active big leaguer has actually come, with 468 hits, 108 home runs and a batting average of 0.249 OPS 0.775 in 548 games in six major league seasons. “Nikan Sports” added, “We have high expectations for raising the team’s home run by acquiring long-range shots.”

Meanwhile, according to Hector Gomez, Reyes and Nippon Ham’s contract is reportedly worth $1 million (about 1.3 billion won) per year.

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