Criticism of “Crazy for steals” in the coach’s ears… LG keeps running, but instead increases the success rate

The word “crazy” is used both in good and bad ways, but it’s used in bad ways here. I’ve also seen a number of comments calling me “crazy X.”

LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop looked back on his attempt to steal bases that he “played like crazy” last season in a recent series posted on a portal site. Yeom emphasized baseball by changing the standards for calculating high performance by his team, and he actually ranked first in stolen bases, but he also lost a lot.헤라카지노주소

The number of stolen bases was 166, but the number of failures was 101, with the success rate remaining at 62.2%. Not only 73% of baseball statistics experts consider as a “profit-and-loss break point,” but also 72.4% of the KBO league’s average stolen base success rate in 2023 was less than 10%. On top of that, both 78 base runners and 15 checkers were disgraced as the league’s most No. 1 player. The team’s on-base percentage itself is 0.361, higher than the second-ranked NC Dinos’ 0.345, but the efficiency was relatively low due to too many outcounts on the base.

It was from the exhibition game that Yeom Kyung-yeop aggressively called for base stealing and many attempts, but so far, there was no problem as winning or losing was not important. However, LG repeated the same failures in the regular season, which made the team feel like an unreasonable move. Mindful of criticism in the process, Yeom Kyung-yeop also claimed, “We can make up for the success rate of stealing only 65 percent. The 10 percent that falls from the 75 percent that we say at the break-even point is a mistake made when the opponent is conscious of us.” In fact, the claim was far from statistics. However, it had the effect of emphasizing “trust.”

“I will change from now on,” manager Yeom Kyung-yeop said after losing to the KIA Tigers in the last three consecutive games in April. However, he only restrained himself a little after May, and LG continued to play baseball until the end. Nevertheless, he steadily accumulated wins. Shin, who was considered a “rogue runner,” ranked second in this category after Doosan Bears’ Jung Soo-bin (39) with 37 steals.

LG repeatedly failed to steal bases in the Korean Series, but LG did not care. He thus far had the power to focus on the next at-bat, rather than focusing on just one out. As a result, he garnered four consecutive wins after one win to clinch the title for the first time in 29 years. Manager Yeom Kyung-yeop made the remarks after winning both the first place in the regular season and the Korean Series title.

“LG didn’t have two things. There were “fear” and “absurd” that were silently eroding the mood of the team. Opportunities don’t come easily in baseball games (as in all sports). If you hesitate and hesitate when that opportunity comes, you can never score points. Getting rid of fear and hesitation was a top priority.” (In “The Beginning, Not the End, 2023 and 2024 of the LG Twins”)

In other words, he constantly tried to steal bases to achieve the goal. Even after the best result of winning the title, this policy is not expected to change. However, manager Yeom Kyung-yeop predicted a more sophisticated style of running base than last year. As far as running bases are concerned, he expected that his experience accumulated through one year of failure will shine this year.

“The big format will not change, but we will increase efficiency by playing baseball that we think about. We will reduce attempts, but we will increase success. I guarantee that.” He emphasized by using the word “jangdam.”

Although not yet confirmed, the KBO has prepared the same 18-inch base as the MLB, instead of the previous 15-inch base. There is also a possibility that the KBO could introduce pitch clock. If that happens, it would constrain the team’s ability to keep in check. Expectations are high that both the attempt to steal bases and the success rate will increase just like the MLB did. “It may be influenced by the rules of change, but we will increase the chances of survival through last year’s experience,” manager Yeom Kyung-yeop said. “The opponent recognizes that we are playing.”

Another disgraceful record LG has is its mistakes. Of course, a large number of errors does not necessarily mean poor defense capability. It is all the more so in modern baseball. Still, it is not pleasant to see LG ranking second with the most 128 errors. Fans have counted the number of “failed base stealing, baserunning, and day without any mistakes.”

“We made a lot of mistakes in defense,” manager Yeom Kyung-yeop said. “This happened when Moon Bo-kyung (20) and Austin Dean (14) played full-time. The number of errors could decrease by more than 30 percent this year.”

“Given the details, mistakes will be reduced for both offense and defense. That’s how we can win five more games. Five wins is a huge difference. You cannot win a game just by hitting a ball. Victory comes from details. Winning a game for two consecutive years is the way to be recognized for its performance.” LG topped the regular season last year with 86 wins, two draws and 56 losses. This year, LG aims to set the club record of the most wins with 88 wins, at least two more than this.

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