“Isn’t this completely racist?” Son Heung-min is only fourth in value among Tottenham players… Why on earth?

The CIES Football Observatory announced the value of Tottenham players. Son Heung-min, who naturally thought he was No. 1, is not even in the top three. What is the ranking that is beyond comprehension.

According to the report, Dejan Kulusevski (24) is the most valuable player in Tottenham, with 86 million pounds (about 143.8 billion won). Kulusevski is even more valuable than Harry Kane’s 82 million pounds (about 137.2 billion won).마카오카지노

The second most valuable player for Tottenham was Destiny Udoji (22), who was 67.4 million pounds (about 112.7 billion won). Christian Romero came in third due to recent injury. It was worth 61.5 million pounds (about 102.8 billion won).

Son Heung-min and James Maddison, who are the best players in Tottenham, did not even make the top three. “Son Heung-min did not even make the top three in Tottenham’s value,” Spurs Webb said. “It is probably because the player is old. If these players actually go to the transfer market, this number will change a lot,” he said, pointing out that it is not credible.

The world’s most valuable player was Jude Bellingham (21, Real Madrid). His value was 230 million pounds (384.4 billion won), three times that of Son.

Son Heung-min’s value is known only without him. Immediately, Son Heung-min will be away for more than a month with his participation in the Asian Cup. Tottenham only beat Burnley, 19th in the league, 1-0 in the FA Cup on the 6th. The gap without Son Heung-min is bigger than expected. /

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