166 stolen base-101 failed… 1st in stolen base – last in success rate. The amount of salt will be played again this year. “The number of attempts will be reduced, but the number of successes will be increased to 180.”

Manager Yeom Kyung-yeop of the LG Twins emphasized “playing baseball” last year. “I ran a lot, created a lot of chances, but I was out a lot.

LG was the No. 1 team in batting average. It seemed more regrettable that the team lost the chance because it was out, than that it created a chance by stealing a chance and scored a point. Although fans continued to criticize him, saying, “Why are you running when you know your opponent will run?” He continued to play throughout the season. Aggressive baseball allowed players to play even if they were out, so as not to be afraid. And that resulted in the best outcome of the championship.헤라카지노도메인

However, the question arises whether LG will continue to steal bases in the 2024 season. Last year, LG showed only 62.2 percent of successful stolen bases. It is the last among the 10 teams. It stole 166 bases and ranked first overall, but lost a whopping 101. It had 90 more stolen bases than the Kiwoom Heroes, which had the least number of stolen bases. Kiwoom had 54 successful steals, but was ranked first with a success rate of 83.1 percent.

“The big framework will not change this year,” Yeom said. This means that he will continue to play aggressive baseball like he did last year. However, he said, “I will increase efficiency by thinking about baseball,” adding, “I will reduce the number of stolen bases but increase the number of successes so that the number of stolen bases exceeds 180.”

“Because the players have experienced it for a year, efficient stolen bases will be made,” Yeom said. “Because we made them recognize it for a year, we recognize that the opponent is running. While we are perceived as a difficult team, we go toward increasing efficiency. If there are more success than failure, the damage to the opponent will be stronger.”

Since the players were out a lot while trying to steal, they would have learned the timing of when to run and not to run, so they expected a more efficient steal to be possible.

Hong Chang-ki, who had 23 steals and 23 failures last year, also said, “There was a part where I ran excessively when I didn’t have to run,” adding, “I went when the sign came out and the start was too late. When the timing was late, I shouldn’t have gone, but I went. I think I need to make up for that.”

Yeom also expected that his errors would decrease. Although first baseman Austin and second baseman Shin Min-jae made some mistakes last year, he expected that their performance would improve this year as they stabilized. “Now that Austin or Shin Min-jae have settled in, the number of errors will decrease,” Yeom said. “We can make five more wins in terms of errors and stolen bases. It is important to see how many more wins you have through details.”

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