Last place in annual salary in 3rd place… “One-man coach” Lee Jung-hyo “My goal is to win.”

The first-class star instructor who improves grades is called the “one-star instructor.”랭크카지노
If there is a one-stroke instructor or a one-stroke coach in the K-League of professional football, it would be Lee Jung-hyo, who raised Gwangju, the last-place salary, to third place in the K-League last season.
What is the goal of the cost-effective director this year?

【 a journalist
Coach Lee Jung-hyo was noted for his brilliant words and actions to the extent that he conducted with yellow sunglasses and said in an interview, “I’m angry because I lost to that kind of soccer.”

However, Gwangju, which showed “attack football” that was hotter than words and actions due to bold forward pressure, ranked third, beating Jeonbuk, the prestigious team, even though it was last in the annual salary.

This season’s motto is “attack again.”

  • “If you make 10 and don’t score a goal, you can make 20, and if you make 20 chances and don’t score a goal, you have 30 chances…”

I also went to the Premier League to study by myself last month to show sharper tactics.

Coach Lee Jung-hyo, who watched the Brighton match, which beat Manchester United and Chelsea with bold forward pressure against the strong team, was convinced by Gwangju’s soccer.

  • “In the build-up process, he doesn’t fear failure and he’s almost challenging himself, courageously. No matter what the situation comes, he never breaks his soccer…”

Now he is in a position to be challenged, and he has to play in the Asian Champions League stage, so he is expected to have a more difficult season than ever.

However, the “Ilta coach,” who chose to break through head-to-head, saying, “I will show my third-place-down skills,” dreams bigger than last season.

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