Rookie of the Year pitcher who threw a maximum speed of 160km/h increased his weight to 105kg, “165km like Sasaki Otani.”

This is the physical condition of right-hander Yamashita Shunpeita, 22, who is listed on his profile. Born in July 2002, the pitcher is one year older than fastball pitcher Moon Dong-ju of the Hanwha Eagles. Both players won Rookie of the Year awards in both the Pacific League and the KBO League last year. Yamashita joined the team in his third year and Moon in his second year.헤라카지노주소

According to Japanese media, Yamashita has put on as much as 105 kg. She gained 5 kg from 100 kg as of February last year. There is a reason why she gained weight. She aimed to increase her speed. Just as Shohei Ohtani (30) of the Los Angeles Dodgers bulked up to increase her power a few years ago.

Recently, the Nippon Professional Baseball Classic, a group of legends, announced the rankings of active players by different types of pitches on YouTube. The most powerful fastball pitcher was Sasaki Loki (23). It was as expected.

Sasaki became the youngest player to achieve a “perpet game” against Orix in 2022. Sasaki struck out 19 consecutive 13 batters in the game. He finally hit 165 kilometers per hour last season. This is the fastest Japanese pitcher owned by Shohei Ohtani.

Yamashita ranked second after Sasaki. The rookie of the year, who debuted in the first division in 2023, beat out Yoshinobu Yamamoto of the Los Angeles Dodgers in third place.

Athletes themselves are well aware that fast balls are the main weapon. Last year, he shot up to 160 kilometers per hour for the first time.

Yamashita’s goal is 165 kilometers per hour. She aims to be on par with Ohtani and Sasaki. “There is no limit to her speed,” Yamashita said. “I will continue to increase my speed by 1 kilometer each. I focused on my training end and beginning of the year nonstop.”Yamashita, who is in his third year as a pro, started the opening game against the Seibu Lions on March 31 last year. It is the first time that a pitcher who has no record of playing in the first division has started the opening game since the launch of the Central League, the Pacific League and both leagues in 1950.

Yamamoto and left-hander Hatoya Miyagi (23) needed a break due to their schedule for the Japanese national team at the World Baseball Classic, giving Yamashita a chance to start the opening game. He garnered trust from the coaching staff by displaying quality pitching at exhibition games.

In the opening game, he allowed four hits and one run in five ⅓ innings. He struck out seven and gave up one walk with 84 pitches. He had a maximum fastball speed of 157 kilometers per hour. He failed to secure a victory in his debut game as a substitute in the 1-1 tie, but contributed to his 3-2 victory.

He pitched five innings of two hits and earned his first win against the Rakuten Eagles on April 11. He struck out 10 of 15 for the out count.

However, he failed to complete the debut season due to back pain. His registration in the first team was canceled after the match against Chiba Lotte on Aug. 26 last year. It became the last game of this season. He failed to throw a pitch even in the post season.

He has 95 innings, 9 wins and 3 losses, 1.61 ERA and 101 strikeouts in 16 games. In December, Yamashita renewed his contract for 40 million yen (about 350 million won) per year, up 471 percent from 7 million yen (about 62 million won).

To fill the vacancy of Yamamoto, who left for the Major League, the Orix needs a healthy Yamashita.

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