Tottenham is in a ‘super emergency’… Munich hijacking attempt, center back recruitment again ‘dark clouds’

Tottenham is in a state of emergency. A red flag has turned on to reinforce its center back, which was the top recruitment position in the January transfer market. Bayern Munich, which had been confident in recruiting Radu Dragusin, also joined the team at the last minute of the match. Genoa accepted the offer of both clubs. Now, the only player left is a choice.

Fabrizio Romano, a European football transfer market expert, said on the 10th (Korea time), “There has been another twist in Dragusin’s transfer price. Bayern Munich is attempting to hijack through an official offer to the Genoa club,” adding, “The Bayern Munich offer does not include a player, and it is slightly higher than Tottenham’s offer.”

According to local news reports, Tottenham offered a transfer fee of 25 million euros (about 36.1 billion won), an option of 5 million euros (about 7.3 billion won), and a loan for side defender Jed Spence. In contrast, Bayern Munich put more than 30 million euros (about 43.4 billion won) on the negotiation table without a player. Genoa had agreed on both Tottenham and Bayern Munich proposals. Originally, the transfer fee for Dragusin was 30 million euros.

As the club accepted the proposals from both clubs, the final choice was left to the player. Romano also added, “It’s up to Dragusin now. He has to decide his future quickly.” This means that Dragusin’s future will be decided soon. Only one of the two clubs, Tottenham and Bayern Munich, will laugh.

Tottenham, which had been confident of recruiting Dragusin, is in a state of emergency. This is because Enzi Postecoglou is in a desperate situation to reinforce the center back as he points to the center back as the top recruitment position ahead of this transfer market. Tottenham’s main center back lines this season are Christian Romero and Mickey Pantherpen, because they do not have clear backup resources to support both of them and both have been out of the lineup due to injuries.

There are other center back resources such as Eric Dier, but it has already been out of the eyes of Postecoglou. Even in recent games, two fullbacks, Emerson Royal and Ben Davies, have been entrusted with the role of center backs. This was why it was urgent to recruit a center back who could ease the burden on each other through the competition system until both Panderpen and Romero returned, and even if they did.마카오카지노

Rumors have it that Jean-Claire Todibo (Nice) joined the team early on. It is known that the player also wanted to move to Tottenham. However, the team failed to reach an agreement in the transfer fee negotiations. Tottenham quickly found a second best option. Dragusin was caught on the radar. Other teams such as Napoli and AC Milan also sought to recruit Dragusin, but Tottenham led the bid most actively.

Tottenham was the first club to set up a negotiation table with the Genoa club, and the first club to send the official offer was also Tottenham. After a long negotiation, Tottenham reached an agreement by adding Spence’s loan to a transfer fee of 30 million euros, including an option. Tottenham was the only club that sent an official offer to the Genoa club the day before. It was against the backdrop of local news that Tottenham’s recruitment of Dragusin was imminent.

However, Tottenham was not the only team in desperate need of a center back. Bayern Munich, which includes Kim Min-jae, is also seeking to recruit a center back throughout this transfer window. Bayern Munich only has three center back resources: Kim Min-jae, Matthijs Dericht, and Dayo Upamecano. Kim Min-jae left the team for the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup, and both Duricht and Upamecano are suffering from major and minor injuries throughout the season.

Bayern Munich even tried to add a center back by circulating rumors that it would recruit Eric Dier, who is rated out of power by Tottenham. Amid this situation, additional center back recruitment through considerable investment has also begun to weigh in. The target was Dragusin. He entered the war later than Tottenham, but instead started making an official proposal and jumping into the recruitment race. He also offered a higher transfer fee than Tottenham’s suggested, drawing a quick acceptance from Genoa’s team.

Now all eyes are on center back Dragusin. Now is the time to make a decision over transfer to Tottenham or Bayern Munich. He should decide his future by comprehensively considering personal conditions such as annual salary and contract period as well as his position in the team after the transfer. Tottenham could be easier to compete for the starting lineup, but Bayern Munich seems to be ahead of him for the title.

Tottenham will certainly have a bigger impact than Dragusin’s choice. If he fails to recruit again this time following Todibo, he will have to look for another candidate in the middle of the transfer market. Finding a new destination for Spence, which he was trying to include in the recruitment of Dragusin, is also a matter of concern. Spence transferred to Leeds United in August last year, but after half a year, he finished his loan and returned to Tottenham. England’s Dubootroom said, “As the news that Dragusin prefers Bayern Munich to Tottenham is growing, Tottenham fans’ concerns are also growing. If Dragusin fails to recruit, he will find another goal, but it is clear that it will cause a huge setback in the recruitment market.”

On the other hand, Bayern Munich has several alternatives left, unlike Tottenham, including Dyer, who was constantly rumored to be recruited. However, the fact that he has shown willingness to try hijacking also means that for Bayern Munich, the number one option is to recruit Dragusin. If he fails to recruit after being pushed by Tottenham, Bayern Munich, which needs to strengthen its players more than the center back that has been discussed so far, such as Dyer, could be on fire.

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